Disgusted Coronation Street fans lash out at show over tasteless Daniel Osbourne and Bethany Platt storyline


CORONATION Street fans are not happy with Daniel Osbourne and Bethany Platt’s affair.

The pair have been seeing each other in secret while his wife Sinead Tinker has been on her deathbed, saying goodbye to loved one.

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Daniel cheat on sinead with Bethany in Coronation Street

To make matters worse, in last night’s episode of Coronation Street, Sinead realised what they had been up to behind her back and begged her husband to tell her the truth.

Dying Sinead whos played by Katie McGlynn in the ITV soap was suspicious over Daniels relationship with Bethany when she discoverd that the waitress has left her notebook in their flat.

Picking it up, Sinead read through the story Bethany had written, which declared her love for Daniel.

When he later returned home, she confronted him about it.

Initially, Daniel tried to lie and told Sinead that there was no truth in the story, but Sinead could tell he was lying.

Sinead Tinker will die in <a href='https://amzn.to/33ISsqM'>Coronation Street</a> this week” width=”480″ height=”478″ /><figcaption class=Sinead Tinker will die in Coronation Street this week

Eventually in front of Beth, Kirk and Craig Daniel admitted there was a kiss but tried to assure Sinead that it meant nothing.

However, Sinead was distraught and a furious Craig threw Daniel out of the flat.

Those tuning in at home were horrified as the shocking scenes unfolded on the telly and were quick to take to Twitter to vent their disgust afterwards.

“@itvcorrie #Corrie Sorry but yee got it totally wrong with this Daniel and Bethany story. There is no way Daniel would do that to Sinead,” one wrote.

Another added: “Dont tell me Sinead is going to pass with Daniel not there….. Bethany sl was unnecessary.. #corrie.”

Moments later, a third wrote: “Finding this storyline pretty tasteless to be honest. Not sure why #Corrie thought the Daniel / Bethany kiss would be a good idea whilst Sinead is dying. Seriously detracting from Sinead’s final days.”

After, another tweeted: “#corrie- you are hardly handling Sineads death respectfully by adding in Daniels little fling with Bethany. Anything for a bit more drama to bump up the ratings. This has disgusted me @itvcorrie.”

On Monday night, a distraught Daniel kissed Bethany as she was trying to comfort him.

And Bethany who has admitted to having deep feelings for Daniel kissed him back before pulling away, realising it probably wasnt a good idea.

Unfortunately, Daniels dad, Ken Barlow, walked into the ginnel just as the pair were locking lips.

And to say he was furious about what he saw is an understatement.

He angrily told Daniel to get home to his dying wife, before giving Bethany a look of utter contempt.

But by the sounds of things, viewers watching Corrie at home are even angrier than Ken.

With Sineads life reaching its tragic end tonight, will the couple make up before its too late?

Tune in to find out.


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