Does Ben dump Callum in EastEnders? Ballums relationship is rocked by an unexpected career move


EASTENDERS has confirmed there’s bad news for Ballum fans next week as Callum shocks his boyfriend Ben with a brave proposition.
The villain Ben was horrified after he learned of Bens plans to join the police but will it all be over for the couple? Heres everything you need to know…

Ben is gutted Callum wants to join the police in EastEnders

After some poignant advice from Pam Coker in EastEnders last week, unlucky-in-love Ben has let his guard down with Callum and realised that he deserves to be happy.

But the villain was left horrified at his boyfriend’s recent decision to join the police force – which wouldnt be ideal for Bens criminal ways and dodgy dealings.

And it looks like their relationship is going to reach rock bottom next week as the realisation dawns on Ben that Callum is serious about his unexpected career move.

A fearful Ben will be forced to admit he doesnt know if he can commit to his boyfriend after Callum shocks him with a bold proposition.

Meanwhile, Bens mum Kathy will be disgusted when she overhears Bens threats to family man Martin Fowler.

She warns him to get his act together but Ben has no time for his mum and no sympathy for the poor fruit and veg flogger.

Callum will leave Ben wrestling his conscience in EastEnders

Pam recently gave Ben and Callum her seal of approval in EastEnders

Bobby will be shocked to hear Bens angry outbursts and is quick to share his concerns with Callum and urge him to pursue his new career goals.

Meanwhile, Kathy enlists Lolas help to deal with Ben, prompting her to organise a weekend away with daughter Lexi.

But after being pulled on board, Bens good mood is quickly shattered when Callum comes at him with a huge ultimatum.

The Squares villain is left wrestling his conscience, which begins to kick in further when he sees how miserable Martin is working for him.

A confused Ben seems to thinking twice about his criminal behaviour as he confides in Jay about Callums career goals.

But Callum is left furious when he later spots Ben and Tubbs making a shady exchange in the Square.

By the end of the week Callum is delighted by Bens seemingly different approach to work – but has he really turned over a new leaf or will he grow bored?

The BBC soap fans are divided over whether Ballum are in it for the long haul.

One fan took to Twitter to say: Omg can’t wait for these scenes love #Ballum and a bit of angst always makes a relationship stronger amazing @bbceastenders.

Another said: Now that @bbceastenders finally have #Ballum as an official couple they want to split them up!

EastEnders bosses haven’t yet revealed if this will be the end of the couple, andBallum fans will have to tune in next week to find out.


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