Does Robert kill Vicky in Coronation Street? Rumours are spreading ahead of his wedding to Michelle


CORONATION Street Robert Prestons world is turned upside down on his wedding day when he is arrested under suspicion of MURDERING Vicky Jefferies.

Michelle will get her revenge for Roberts affair with Vicky as she jilts him at the altar and exposes his affair but will his big day end with blood on the chefs hands? Heres everything we know about Vickys mystery disappearance in Corrie so far

Robert Preston is arrested on his wedding day in Coronation Street

Does Robert kill pregnant Vicky in Coronation Street?

HOAR exclusively revealed last month that Robert will be arrested under suspicion of killing pregnant Vicky as she mysteriously disappears after his affair is exposed.

The chef has been engaged to both Michelle Connor and Vicky and viewers have watched with unease as hes weaved a web of lies to stop both women from finding out about the other.

After growing increasingly suspicious when Robert was admitted to hospital and deliriously spoke about a baby, Michelle followed him with cousin and wing woman Carla.

The former Underworld owner was horrified to see Robert and pregnant Vicky arguing on the street outside her house and realised he was having an affair.

But it looks like Robert is sure to get his comeuppance when hes hauled in for questioning by the police after his affair is exposed on his big day.

A source revealed: “Robert is going to be hauled in by police after Vicky goes missing.

“They think he’s killed her after he disappears on the night she did and then returns to Weatherfield with a face full of scratches.

“The scenes where Vicky confronts him over all his lies to her about Michelle are explosive.

“She loses it completely at him and that’s the last fans see of her.”

Michelle will also begin to grow suspicious of Robert and worry hes behind the death, the source added.

The insider said: “Michelle is suspicious too because she realises the night Vicky went missing is the same night Robert mysteriously went out in the middle of the night.”

But fans will have to tune in to find out whether Robert is behind Vickys perfectly timed disappearance, as exact plot details are being kept under wraps for now.

Michelle is plotting revenge as she marries her cheating fiance Robert
Michelle is plotting revenge as she marries her cheating fiance Robert in Coronation Street

Why would Robert kill Vicky in Coronation Street?

Time is ticking for Robert after Michelle discovered his dirty affair with Vicky.

Tension comes to a head during their pre-wedding celebrations when Vicky turns up at the Bistro to confront him over his lies in explosive scenes.

After Robert signs the Bistro over to Michelle, he heads to Vicky’s and orders her to stay away from the ceremony.

One of Vicky’s neighbours hears a crash followed by deafening silence.

Robert then tells Michelle not to worry about Vicky’s presence at their wedding.

A terrified Robert will be left fearing he will lose everything – but what has he done to his former lover?

When Tyler later bursts into the wedding and declares Vicky is missing, the guests are left fearing the worst.

Vickys son fears for his mums life and demands Robert tells him where she is – but Robert is quick to declare innocence.

Could the desperate love rat have done away with pregnant Vicky to ensure he gets to tie the knot with Michelle?

Fans will have to tune in to find out.

Will Michelle and Robert say I do in Coronation Street?
Will Michelle and Robert say I do in Coronation Street?

Will Michelle get her revenge on Robert in Coronation Street?

Michelle finally gets the proof she needs about Roberts cheating and lying after confronting his pregnant “other fiancee” Vicky.

At first she accuses Vicky of tricking Robert into getting her pregnant.

But Vicky drops the bombshell that Robert insisted he and Michelle were over.

But behind a thrilled Roberts back, the faithful fiancee has been planning her sweet revenge, and is set to give Robert what he deserves on the day of their wedding.

Back home, Michelle lies and tells Robert she didnt believe Vicky and wants to give Robert another chance.

Having agreed to go ahead with the ceremony, Michelle plans to jilt Robert at the altar and swindle the Bistro from him in an attempt to take every penny he has…

Viewers will have to tune in to see the dramatic scenes unfold…


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