Drunk Phil Mitchell stamps on Sharons face in a photo frame as EastEnders fans fear he is plotting brutal revenge


FUMING Phil Mitchell skidded off the rails even more in tonight’s EastEnders – shocking fans by stamping on Sharon Mitchell’s face.

The increasingly mad mechanic smashed a picture of his wife and when she picked it off the floor for him, he ground it into the carpet with his shoe.

Phil Mitchell well and truly lost the plot in EastEnders tonight
He destroyed and then stamped on a picture of his wife Sharon

As the episode began, Phil had doused Jack Branning in petrol and was holding a gun to his head, believing his old rival has been sleeping with Sharon.

Roaring: “Time’s up Branning” he insisted he was about to put a bullet in his brain – until son Ben managed to talk him out of it.

Even Keanu Taylor, who really did have a steamy affair with Sharon, protested Jack was innocent, pleading: “You really think you wouldn’t notice him?”

When presented with the ‘evidence’ of Sharon’s necklace being found on his table, Jack spluttered: “Is that all you’ve got?

He hurled the photo frame onto the floor and ground it with his shoe
Sharon was devasted to find her picture has been hurled at the wall

“A necklace and a hug in public? Is that worth a bullet in my head? No offence, I didn’t want to be with Sharon all those years ago. Why would I go back there now?”

Later, Ben found Phil with a half-empty bottle of vodka, raging: “I either kill someone or I climb inside that bottle.

“I either kill someone or I kill myself with this. I can’t just do nothing.”

Ben told him: “Fine. We’ll do it your way. However you want to play this, I’m in, but you put that down right now.”

Ben and Phil had an angry showdown as he hit the bottle again
Ben told his dad: ‘We will make whoever has done this suffer’

He added: “We will make whoever has done this suffer, we will make them pay, we will bury them dad. I promise.”

And when Sharon returned from the Queen Vic Christmas play to find Phil slumped in his chair in the dark stinking of petrol, he seemed to be struggling to keep a lid on his fury.

When she pointed out there was a smashed picture of her face on the floor he replied: “It fell. Don’t worry, I’ll fix it.”

But once she was out of the room, he tossed it on the floor and ground his foot onto her face.

Fans feared Phil was about to snap and is about to enact brutal revenge of Sharon for cheating on him.

One tweeted: “The real Phil Mitchell is BACK……and Walford better watch out because he is just a powder keg waiting for a light.”

Another insisted: “Oh my god Phil stepping on Sharon’s photo, he can’t f***ing stand her!.”


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