EastEnders Christmas trailer sees Phil Mitchell smash table after confronting Sharon over her affair with Keanu


EASTENDERS has ramped up the drama ahead of its Christmas Day special by releasing a new explosive trailer that sees a furious Phil confront Sharon over her affair with Keanu.

The Walford hardman yells at his fearful wife “worth it, was he?” before launching a chair at their Christmas table.

Phil Mitchell trashes his dining table this Christmas as he confronts Sharon over Keanu

While his son Ben makes it clear the day will have a sinister end, as he says: “He will not outlive Christmas”.

They’re not the only family in turmoil with Mick Carter angry at wife Linda as her alcohol addiction spirals out of control.

She’s seen stumbling into the square dressed as Mrs Claus while clutching a bottle of beer.

And Martin Fowler’s face is lit by flames as he cryptically mutters: “It’s done”.

Fans can’t wait, with one writing on Instagram: “Omg im so excited.”

Phil already knows Sharon has been unfaithful

Sharon is terrified what will happen now the truth is out

Another said: “Love it cant wait its gonna be amazing.”

As a third shared: “no one understands how excited I am for this.”

Scenes show Sharon trembling with worry in the Queen Vic as her world comes crashing down.

Its not clear at this point if the whole pub has been told about her affair.

The trailer also shows Phil battling with booze again and staring at a glass of whiskey.

Mick Carter shouting at wife Linda as she continues her addiction to booze

Martin Fowler’s face is lit by flames as he cryptically mutters: ‘It’s done’

Enders fans know will of course be aware that – upon learning the truth about Keanu – Phil’s revenge will rip more than one family apart.

With actor Danny Walters set to leave the show, fans are convinced that Phil will kill Keanu in a fit of rage after discovering Sharons seedy secret.

But with word as yet from BBC bosses, fans will have to tune in to find out whether Keanu ends up in a body bag.

Phil has already discovered Sharon’s infidelity, but he’s got the the wrong end of the stick and will torture Jack Branning, thinking hes the father of Sharons baby.

Keanu actor Danny Walters is leaving the soap

But as we know, secrets never stay hidden for long in Walford and Phil will soon discover the whole truth about the affair.

The Mitchell hardman will be devastated to discover his son-in-law Keanus twisted involvement, and is set to plan his explosive revenge.

EastEnders boss Jon Sen has hinted that Keanu could be killed off in devastating scenes.

He told HOAR Online: “Keanus story is set to come to a dramatic and blistering conclusion in the near future as one of best kept secrets on the Square is finally revealed with devastating consequences.”

Jon added: “Wed all like to thank Danny for his nuanced performance as Keanu Taylor over the last two and half years.

“What Danny has brought to his character has been one of the reasons the Sheanu affair has been such compulsive viewing for fans.

“Everyone at EastEnders wishes him well for the future.


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