EastEnders Danny Dyer drops huge clue Mick will survive boat disaster as he appears on This Morning at rehearsals


DANNY Dyer has given fans a huge clue that his EastEnders character Mick Carter will survive the boat disaster.

The 42-year-old actor appeared on This Morning with the famous Queen Vic in the background, indicating the Queen Vic landlord will live to fight another day.

Speaking to Ruth and Eamonn on This Morning, Danny joked that he would be the one to die.

When asked by Eamonn if Mick will be on the soap by Friday night, Danny teased “No it’s me, I die, I’m gutted.” But he added: “You know I can’t declare it.”

Danny was pleased with the boat party episodes, saying EastEnders “have taken it to another level” and hopes the episodes get the recognition they deserve.

Eamonn, 60, ended the interview by referring to Danny being at rehearsals, to which he responded: “No I’m not because I’m dead remember Eamonn.”

Ruth then intervened and said “Stop it because people will believe that and we’ll be told off for doing spoilers.”

Danny described the character who dies as “a real shock” and went on to describe how the cast went about filming the boat disaster episodes, which he revealed took six weeks to film.

He joked: “Ten-hour day in the water, and I come out looking like Dot Cotton, in a good way obviously”.

He praised Kate Oates and the EastEnders team, describing what they have done with the boat disaster as “very clever”.

Mick was serve divorce papers by Linda

The EastEnders star revealed that does some yoga in his free time, and claimed he needs it to “sort his brain out and says it’s a good way to bond with his wife.”

“I do like to have a dabble in yoga now and again, I think it’s important” the soap star said.

He then encouraged Eamonn to join him and get “a nice pair of trunks”.

The Irishman agreed, explaining that “stretching is very important”.

Mick and Linda try to survive the boat disaster

Danny’s EastEnders character Mick has been through the wringer lately, as he is struggling to run the pub, looking after his son Ollie and deal with wife Linda who has been struggling with alcohol addiction all at the same time.

He has been very patient with his wife and tried convincing her to go meetings to help her stay off the booze, which was short-lived.

Mick got social services involved as a means to protect Ollie, but unfortunately it sent Linda further into despair and began to resent her husband as a result.

The icing on the cake was when a drunk Linda served Mick with divorce papers, which he signed before they left for the boat party.


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