EastEnders: Dotty Cotton’s huge dilemma explained after Bobby’s collapse – Milly Zero has spoken out


DOTTY Cotton set her sights on Peter Beale last night in EastEnders (28 April) as she livened the Square up with another club night.

But little Bobby Beale was devastated that he’d been friend zoned by crush Dotty  – who is played by Milly Zero on the BBC soap – and collapsed after taking drugs to numb the rejection. So will Dotty keep Peter at arms length for Bobby’s sake? Here’s everything you need to know about her huge dilemma…

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Milly Zero has revealed that Dotty will face a huge dilemma over Peter and Bobby in upcoming EastEnders’ scenes

Why did Bobby collapse in EastEnders?

Bobby collapsed after witnessing his crush Dotty lean in for a kiss with his brother Peter at a club night last night in EastEnders (28 April).

After discovering that Dotty was promoting the night, Bobby – who is underage – devised a way to sneak into the club.

When Peter discovered what Bobby was up to, he realised that Bobby must have a crush on Dotty and warned him that she’d never be interested. 

But Bobby went anyway, and tried to buy laughing gas from Dotty – who refused to sell it to him given his age. 

Viewers then watched him look on in dismay as Peter and Dotty got cosy on the dance floor. 

A gutted Bobby then followed one of Dotty’s customers and as Dotty and Peter started to kiss, he collapsed.

As everyone rushed around, it became pretty clear he’d taken drugs. 

Bobby took drugs to deal with Dotty’s rejection in EastEnders

What has Milly Zero said about Dotty’s Peter Beale dilemma in EastEnders?

Actress Milly Zero has spoken out to reveal that her character Dotty will face a huge dilemma over Peter Beale in upcoming scenes. 

Talking to metro.co.uk, Milly revealed that the last thing Dotty wants to do is hurt Bobby, but that if she had to choose she’d ultimately pick Peter over Bobby’s feelings.

She said: “She does genuinely have feelings for Bobby as a friend and she feels terrible when he collapses.

“He makes her laugh and he is funny but if it did come down to it, she would choose to be with Peter, she doesn’t want to miss out on that!’

She also hinted that Peter will have his doubts about their relationship when he realises how much it’s hurting his little brother: “At first it seems like Bobby just wants some more friends but then he gets really obvious and is tongue tied around her – and it doesn’t really take a genius to work out he fancies her.

Dotty and Peter looked on in horror as Bobby collapsed after they kissed

“She doesn’t really do much until Peter says that he can’t be with her if Bobby feels that way about it and that’s when she knows she has to do something about this if she is going to be with Peter. It’s a Beale triangle all round!”

She added: “Nothing ever things go right for Bobby – he is recovering from a brain injury and he has told her that the last time he took drugs he ended up on the railway tracks so she tells him he is too young.

“When he collapses, she is shocked because she made a point of not selling it to him.”

EastEnders are yet to confirm whether Dotty will put her romance with Peter or friendship with Bobby first, or whether Peter will make the decision for her and protect his brother, and fans will have to tune in to find out. 

But fans were shocked by the way Dotty and Peter rubbed their romance in Bobby’s face at the club, and are desperate for the youngster to be protected at all costs. 

One fan said: “Peter is such a sleaze. Kissing Lola with no respect for his mate Jay, and now getting close to Dotty not caring about the fact his younger bro likes her! #Eastenders.”

Another added: “Peter was ready to kiss dotty knowing bobby liked her #EastEnders.”

A third said: “Creepy Peter is gonna hook up with Dotty, isn’t he? Poor Bobby. But I like Bobby’s taste in music.”

A fourth said: “Peter and dotty will get together but I think dotty will use peter to blackmail Ian #eastenders.”

Some EastEnders fans think Dotty will use her attention from Peter and Bobby to blackmail Ian Beale

Will Bobby expose drug dealer Dotty in EastEnders?

Official spoilers have revealed that Bobby lies about his drug-fuelled collapse next week in order to protect his crush Dotty. 

And Ian certainly isn’t happy when he discovers what’s happened to Bobby and starts doing some digging. 

Bobby – who obviously hasn’t got the message Dotty isn’t interested – then asks Dotty out on a date. 

Will she let him down lightly or hurt him even more with another rejection?

Bobby might be protecting Dotty for now but, if things turn sour between the pair, might he tell Ian that Dotty was dealing drugs in the club?

If so, it might be the end of Dotty’s reign of terror over Ian.

But with exact plot details being kept under wraps for now, fans will have to wait and see if Bobby blabs.


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