EastEnders ends tonight ‘until September’ after soap runs out of episodes due to coronavirus


EASTENDERS will go off air tonight – after the soap ran out of episodes during the coronavirus lockdown.

It is set to be off screens for the majority of the summer and may not return until September, one show insider has suggested.

The final ‘new’ episode of EastEnders will see Phil Mitchell trying to bag the Queen Vic

Tonight’s episode will see the future of the Queen Vic sealed, with Phil Mitchell attempting to do a deal with landlord Mick Carter.

However, his wife and business partner Linda is keen to close the door on the criminal mechanic out of loyalty for her pal Sharon, who Phil recently slung out onto the street.

In place of the usual episodes of EastEnders, BBC One will air special shows including vintage episodes and a series called Secrets From The Square.

Hosted by Stacey Dooley, they will see two members of the cast talking about their time on the show from Ian Beale’s cafe on the Square.

He turns up at the pub for a showdown with the Carters on Tuesday night

Linda Carter is in no mood to hand over the keys to Phil Mitchell

Stacey Dooley’s Secrets From The Square will air in EastEnders’ slot on Mondays

Ian was the winner of last night’s episode, being seen smiling smugly last night as his young enemy Dotty Cotton was carted off by the police after being arrested.

It came hot on the heels of Ian’s son Peter dumping Dotty after the scheming Beale convinced him that him dating Dotty was torturing Bobby, who also has a crush on her.

But it was at the club that things really came to a head, when the police turned up, followed closely by a grinning Ian.

Ruby told Dotty icily: “If they find anything you’re finished.”

Ian Beale reached unprecedented levels of smugness on EastEnders tonight

Dotty Cotton was arrested for assault after Ian got the police involved

The ‘nos’ dealer was arrested by a policewomen she’d earlier barged to the floor

The troublemaker was confident she’d be OK, until one cop came over brandishing a holdall full of drugs, telling her: “Don’t forget your bag.”

She replied: “There’s nothing in there” before spotting her tormenter and gasping “Ian” – then trying to make a break for the door.

Dotty was stopped by two cops, with her striking a female officer in the face and sending her bag spinning to the floor.

As her canisters of laughing gas spilled out, Martin Fowler and Ruby were left covering their faces in shock.

Ian was seen smiling – as he hid behind two police officers on EastEnders

Dotty’s problems began tonight when the police discovered her bag of drugs

Things were looking bad for Nick Cotton’s daughter when Ian came into the club

And the officer she elbowed wasted little time marching over, saying: “I’m arresting you for the assault of a police officer.”

All the while, bobbing around with glee outside the ladies’ toilets was Ian Beale, who looked happier than he has for years.

He told her: “Dumped and arrested. Not your day, is it?”

Ian and Dotty have been at loggerheads ever since she attempted to blackmail him into getting her the Arches after learning he was responsible for Dennis Rickman’s death.


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