EastEnders fans call out ‘unbelievable’ blunder as Bailey Baker is finally returned to family home


EASTENDERS fans called out an “unbelievable” blunder as Bailey Baker was returned home to her family after going missing.

The youngster – played by Kara-Leah Fernandes in the BBC soap – made herself homeless last month after realising her family couldn’t afford to feed themselves.

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Bailey Baker finally reunited with her family after running away from home last month in EastEnders

Over the past few weeks dad Mitch Baker, step mum Karen Taylor, brother Keegan and step sister Bernadette have been desperately trying to find her.

Bailey has been right under their noses as she recently set up camp in Arthur’s allotment.

Amy Mitchell has known about her whereabouts and stole some sweets from the market so that she had something to keep her going.

However Denise Fox picked up on Amy’s weird behaviour after the school girl told her she wouldn’t be home for dinner because she’d started chess club.

Amy said that she had to go to chess club after school, when she was actually going to see Bailey

Denise was suspicious of Amy and decided to follow her

The hairdresser owner decided to follow her to see what she’d been getting up to – and ended up at the allotments.

The girls had just agreed that Amy would steal some money out of dad Jack’s wallet so that Bailey could pay for a train ticket to go and stay at her mum’s friend’s house in Liverpool.

As Amy opened the shed door to go home, an unimpressed Denise was standing outside waiting for her.

She was left shocked when she then saw Bailey sitting on the floor surrounded by all her belongings.

Amy kept Bailey’s location a secret from the rest of the Square

Denise found Bailey after following Amy to the allotments

But fans of the hit show couldn’t understand why nobody looked there sooner.

One wrote: “Ahhh the Allotments! Funny how after all this time no one thought to look there? Its the one place in EastEnders that anyone who ever runs away, always goes to! #EastEnders.”

Another said: “The allotments? Not like anyone’s ever hidden there before. #EastEnders.”

A third added: “In the history of people going missing in Eastenders they are always at the allotments. When will they learn… #EastEnders.”

Bailey was planning to travel to Liverpool

Later on in the episode Bailey was reunited with her family and she promised that she’d never go anything like that ever again.

Meanwhile other viewers were left swooning over a topless Zack Hudson as he showed off her chiseled abs in the opening scenes of the show.

The ladies man got lucky last night, but things came to an abrupt end when sister Sharon pretended he had an STI.

Sharon shouted across the landing to Zack: “I’ve got your cream!

Fans thought that Bailey’s family would have checked the allotment

“The pharmacist said if your warts don’t clear up by next week you’ll need to go to the clinic…”

She then said to his one-night stand: “What’s his is yours…”

His date jumped off the kitchen counter and ran out in embarrassment.

Zack then joined Sharon in the kitchen with just his jeans on and told his sister: “I liked her…”

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