EastEnders fans claim Callum will get psycho boyfriend Ben to kill evil Leo for Whitney


EASTENDERS fans think Callum will get his “psycho” boyfriend Ben to kill evil Leo for Whitney.

Things are turning dark on Albert Square and viewers are convinced there could be another murder.

Fans think Callum wants Leo dead and will get Ben to help him

Callum is desperate for Leo to leave his ex Whitney alone and fans think he could go to drastic lengths everywhere.

In the summer, Callum left Whitney for Ben in dramatic scenes on their wedding day.

Since then Callum and Whitney have managed to forge a friendship – despite the betrayal.

Now though, Leo is starting to turn Whitney against Callum, so he confronted him.

Leo and Callum had words on EastEnders

It all started after Leo had shown Whitney a video in a file marked “Callum” which prompted her to turn away from him in disgust.

Threatening Leo, Callum ordered him to leave Whitney alone, letting him know he was prepared to do anything to protect his ex-fiancee.

He asked: “What I want to know is who are you? You followed her back from Turkey.”

Sneering, Leo remarked: “She doesnt care what you think.”

Leo has been trying to turn Whitney against Callum

Will Ben bump off Leo for Callum?

Speaking about Whitney, he said: “Shes smart, shes funny shes brilliant. Ive got her back. shes my mate.”

Callum stormed out of the bar, letting his new enemy know he wasn’t finished with him yet.

This immediately made fans think that he will now enlist Ben to help bump Leo off.

Viewers took to Twitter with one saying: “Callum just needs to tell psycho Ben about Leo, job done.”

Another added: “I wonder if some of Bens dark side is gonna rub off on Callum with Leo?”

While a third remarked: “Callum needs to get Ben and Jay on his side to sort Leo out.”

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