EastEnders fans convinced Grant Mitchell will make surprise return after Phil calls someone for a big favour


EASTENDERS fans are certain Grant Mitchell will make a return to Albert Square after Phil was seen on the phone asking someone for a “big favour.”

Albert Square’s resident hardman was seen rushing back home to help his son Ben, who needs to cough up 100,000 for Keanu Taylor, who has taken boyfriend Callum Highway hostage.

Grant could return to help his family in a time of need

Avid watchers of the serial drama had their say on Twitter, as one said: “How much do we bet grant will be back next week.”

Another viewer said: “Who was Phil on the phone too? Grant??? One can hope…”

A third fan speculated: “I’m still wondering who Phillip phoned for help in his reappearance. Is he about to facilitate another surprise anniversary comeback for someone? I’m here for a Grant return.”

While fourth fan commented: “Im literally praying Phil was on the phone to Grant here, we need a BIG and surprise return for anniversary week and he would definitely fit the bill.”

Before Phil’s brief appearance in last night’s episode, he was last seen in taxi on the way to the airport with daughter Louise, her mum Lisa and granddaughter Peggy.

He decided to lay low until the dust settled on what he thought was the murder of Keanu Taylor.

Martin was ordered to kill the mechanic by Phil and Ben, but decided to let him go and Keanu returned to Albert Square with a vengeance this week, demanding a huge sum of money from Ben otherwise he will seriously hurt Callum and may even kill him.

With the 35th anniversary of the soap looming and the chance of surprise returns, has Phil brought in the big guns such as Grant to help him out of a crisis?


Phil and Grant have not been on screen together since 2016

Grant has not been seen on EastEnders since he made a brief return to the soap in 2016, when mother Peggy was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

They made debut on Albert Square in 1990, with Phil appearing two days before Grant.

Phil appeared on the 20th February of that year, and Grant on 22nd.

With the 35th anniversary falling during the same week they first entered the soap, it does seem fitting that that we will see the no-nonsense brothers team up once again in a bid to save Ben and Callum from the clutches of the dangerous Keanu.



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