EastEnders fans convinced Honey and Jay will sleep together after growing closer in lockdown


EASTENDERS’ fans are horrified at the growing theory that Honey and Jay will sleep together.

The shopkeeper and Jay grew very close during lockdown and the rumour mill went into overdrive after the BBC soap revealed the pair will be the focus of a post-lockdown storyline.

EastEnders’ Honey and Jay grew close during lockdown and fans think that means their relationship will go to the next level

EastEnders has said Honey and Jay will become embroiled in the same plot and some viewers jumped to conclusions.

Their potential love match has proved to be very controversial with many viewers labelling it as “sick”.

The pair are not related but Jay was raised by Honey’s ex-husband Billy.

While Jay is back in a relationship with Lola Pierce, things hit the rocks between the pair during lockdown.

EastEnders’ social media teased that ‘Honey has bonded with Jay’
Jay has built a ‘close friendship with Honey’

Things could only get worse for the couple as Jay is yet to find out about Lola’s fling with Peter Beale.

Now fans think Jay may turn to Honey for emotional support, with feelings developing between the pair.

The conspiracy theories were triggered when EastEnders’s social media accounts included the pair in their “lockdown lowdowns” reel.

Viewers learned Honey “bonded with Jay, who has been really understanding of her recovery” and that Jay had “built a close friendship with Honey”.

Jay was raised by Honey’s ex-husband Billy

The majority of fans feel grossed out by the idea Honey and Jay might sleep together.

One Twitter user wrote in response to the theory: “It better not be. There are more options for Honey than a man who is like a son to Billy.”

While another added: “Imagine though, everyone has been begging for a Jay story and then they go there with him and Honey, I’d cry.”

And a third said: “Hope they don’t make Honey and Jay a couple! He’s like a mother to him so it would just be weird.”

And even though they’re not blood related, fans think it’s wrong for Honey and Jay to hook up

Things are rocky between Lola and Jay

And will likely get worse once he finds out about her fling with Peter Beale


Honey is played by actress Emma Barton

While Jay is played by Jamie Borthwick

Some fans though, warmed to the idea that there might a new couple in Walford.

One fan admitted: “Think I’m gonna wait until Honey and Jay are actually a thing, before I make any decisions about how I feel about them two being together….”

And another commented: “If you catch me shipping Honey and Jay after a few months then mind ya business.”


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