EastEnders fans convinced Stuart and Whitney get together after he saves her from evil paedo Tonys son


EASTENDERS fans think Whitney Dean is going to end up with recovering villain Stuart Highway.

The market trader – who is played by actress Shona McGarty in the BBC soap – was engaged to Stuart’s brother Callum before he came out as gay, and she shared some nice moments with Stuart.

Could Stuart and Whitney become an item?

And with Whitney being targeted by her abuser Tony’s son Leo for revenge, fans think somewhat redeemed Stuart could be the one to save her.

He has been transformed from a vigilante psychopath who tried to kill Mick Carter and destroy his family, into a mild-mannered one stop shop counselling service for anyone with a problem in Walford.

One viewer wrote: “My #eastenders prediction is: Stuart will save Whitney from Tonys son- Whitney and Stuart will be together.”

A second said: “Why do I see a whos the daddy storyline coming with Whitney…. with a handful of men to choose from Leo, Callum, Gray, Stuart… maybe Lee when he returns #eastenders”

Leo wants revenge for his dead paedo dad Tony

Another pointed out that Stuart was previously a paedophile hunter over the abuse he suffered as a child, and with Whitney’s paedo abuser being long dead but his son wanting revenge, he could come in handy.

“Stuart is complex character and it works,” they said.

“But yes the people he cares about, we see his softer side and protective side. I do like the theory of him being involved in the Whitney storyline, due to how he is protective and also how he used do paedophile hunter thing. #EastEnders”

Another added: “Oh don’t tell me that Whitney & Stuart ! are going to become an item ! Watch this space ! #EastEnders”

A fifth said: “Stuart and Whitney are like besties now and I kinda love it #EastEnders”


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