EastEnders fans devastated to learn Mick DID cheat on Linda and is Frankie’s dad


EASTENDERS fans are left devastated as they learn Mick DID cheat on Linda and is Frankie’s biological dad.

As if 2020 couldn’t get any worse, the BBC One soap has ruined love for everyone with this shocking revelation.

Mick confessed to being with Frankie’s mum

During Monday evening’s episode of EastEnders fans were shocked to discover that Frankie thought Mick was her dad.

After dropping the bombshell on the bar manager for one helluva cliff hanger, Mick tried to brush it off with a Star Wars joke asking if Luke Skywalker was Frankie’s brother too.

But Frankie had an Ace up her sleeve and after asking if he recognised her mum’s name – Katie Lewis – the truth was written all over Mick’s face.

Rushing to Twitter, many viewers couldn’t hide their disappointment that Mick hadn’t been faithful to Linda like he had previously insisted.

They had a heart to heart, where Mick opened up

One wrote: “WTF? Mick unfaithful to Linda as a teen? Sheer bollocks.

“Unless there’s the cleverest twist in Twistington, it goes against the ENTIRE backstory about Mick & Linda from day 1.”

Another added: “The continuity of Mick and Linda is so annoying. I thought they were supposed to be childhood sweethearts that have never even looked at anyone else, and now Mick has a long lost love child?”

While a third ranted: “Mick’s storyline can’t just be about Frankie being his daughter. There’s definitely more to this.”

The newly reacquainted father and daughter head over to The Albert to have a drink and allow Mick to get his head around things.

Frankie said that she will refuse to leave Mick alone

Frankie explains that her mum had always told her that her dad had walked out on them but after finding letters from Mick she realised that it was actually the other way around.

“You really loved her,” said Frankie, choking up.

As Mick replies, “So that’s why she disappeared.”

After a quick chat with his employee and daughter, Mick panics and tells Frankie that he can’t process this at the moment and can’t upset Linda.


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