EastEnders fans furious over Louise Mitchells exit and insist she should have got the duff duffs over Ballum reunion


EASTENDERS fans were left furious over Louise Mitchell’s exit tonight , insisting she should have got the ‘duff duffs’ over Ballum’s reunion.

Actress Tilly Keeper’s final scenes aired tonight, with Louise leaving Walford with mum Lisa and dad Phil for a new life in Portugal.

EastEnders fans were left furious over Louise Mitchell’s exit tonight , insisting she should have got the ‘duff duffs’ over Ballum’s reunion

Ben Mitchell was also supposed to be joining them but as the black cab set off around Albert Square, he changed his mind and said he wanted to stay and be with Callum Highway and his daughter, Lexi.

Phil gave him his blessing, and said he would take the blame for Keanu Taylor’s ‘murder’.

The trio then set off for the airport, with Tilly cradling her daughter Peggy, who she welcomed with Keanu before Phil found out he’d had an affair with his wife Sharon.

But despite two major characters leaving the BBC soap, the action – and the episodes famous ‘duff duffs’ – were reserved for Ben and Callum’s reunion in the marketplace.

Tilly Keeper’s final scenes aired tonight
Louise and Lisa left with Phil in a black cab

Viewers took to Twitter to share their confusion over such a low key exit for the character and the actress, with many suggesting the ‘duff duffs’ should have gone to her.

One wrote: “i dont really understand why louise didnt get this duff duff as it would probably be her last one and im not really bothered about ballum as they get like 72737372 duffs (i dont hate ballum so dont @ me).”

Another tweeted: “#EastEnders really has become ALL about Ben Mitchell… Louise and Lisa really got paid dust in their final episode. They should have got the duff duff.”

A third agreed, writing: “I loved the #Ballum stuff in this episode, but I dont think its fair that Louise & Lisas exits revolved around Ben.

“Lisa is one of the most iconic characters in the history of the show, and Louise is a legacy character who did a lot in 4 years. They deserve better.”

Others felt the two women should have been given ‘Julia’s Theme’ – a variation on the show’s usual music, as a fitting exit.

One wrote: “As much as I love Max Bowden, Louise & Lisa should’ve been given #JuliasTheme.
@TillyKeeper & @Lucy_Benjamin more than earnt one with all their accomplishments on @BBCEastEnders. #LouiseMitchell & #LisaFowler are legendary, iconic characters.”

However Ballum got the duff duffs as they reunited

Another added: “Loved the #Ballum scene at the end but come on where was Louise and Lisa’s Julia’s theme?”

A third tweeted: “i just do not understand why they had that music over some reunion scene when ballum have been over for like a month… when louise and lisa have both left the show and didnt even get a julias theme?

“im really confused. who let this happen? what the hell.”


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