EastEnders fans in hysterics over iconic Linda and Shirley Carter fight in the Queen Vic


EASTENDERS fans are in hysterics after Shirley and Linda Carter knocked seven bells out of each other in the pub.

The landlady and her mother-in-law – who are played by actresses Kellie Bright and Linda Henry in the BBC soap – finally had a punch up after years of their antagonistic relationship.

Linda’s iconic fight had viewers in hysterics

As Linda tried to pick up the Queen Vics bust to take to the boat party, Shirley told her she was being ridiculous.

She said: “Youre embarrassing yourself as usual.”

But Linda hit back: Youre a fine one to talk Shirley.

“Have you had a look in the mirror lately? Youre nothing but a washed up old hag whod be on the streets if it werent for the son you couldnt be bothered to bring up.

Shirley punched Linda hard in the face
The scene had viewers howling with laughter
Tina desperately tried to pull them apart
Linda screamed in terror as Shirley got the upper hand

“And thank God you didnt because look what happened to the three you did.”

With that Shirley let years of rage out and punched her square in the face.

After the punch, she said: “Ive been holding off doing that since you got your claws into Mick.”

Linda slapped her back and replied ditto before the pair knocked seven bells out of each other in front of all the punters in the pub.

They hurled drinks at each other and glasses before being pulled apart by Tina and Kat.

The scenes had viewers in hysterics with one writing: “I cant tell you how long Ive waited for that sort of Shirley and Linda fight #EastEnders #EastEnders35”

A second said: “Shirley and Linda’s cat fight has made our night, no need to carry on – that’s the Anniversary done! #EastEnders35 #EastEnders”

Another added: “That showdown between Linda and Shirley. That just went down in #EastEnders history as an unforgettable moment.”


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