EastEnders fans outraged as Keegan is falsely arrested for criminal damage


VIEWERS have been left shocked after tonight’s episode of EastEnders saw Keegan Baker arrested.

Police wrongly accused him of “criminal damage and obstruction” after he and Tiffany got caught up with troublemakers at Vinny’s house party.

Viewers have been left shocked after tonight’s episode of EastEnders saw Keegan Baker arrested

Keegan (Zack Morris) is pinned to the floor as Tiffany (Maisie Smith) shouts: “He didn’t do anything. What are you doing?”

The couple were making their way to Vinny’s house party but arrived to find the police there instead.

Things quickly got out of control as one party-goer launched a brick through the police car’s window.

Panicking, Keegan starts to run – leaving the police to assume it was him who threw the brick.

Police responded after the party got out of hand

Keegan tried to make amends with Tiff after an argument

“Just take it easy and co-operate, otherwise I’ll have to force you to cop-operate,” says the policeman, before handcuffing Keegan and telling him his rights.

It’s thought Keegan’s arrest will tip him over the edge after being victim to a string of racial injustices from the police.

EastEnders viewers will know that the police recently carried out a stop and search on him after a moped driver in the area stole a phone from a passer-by.

An outraged Keegan accused the police of stopping him based only on his race but they continued anyway.

And history then repeated itself this month when Keegan and Tiffany spotted a thief running out of their home and realised they’d been burgled.

A scuffle ensued as Keegan fought the thief for Tiff’s engagement ring.

But when the police arrived they jumped on Keegan and slammed his head onto the pavement, letting the thief run away.

Keegan’s recent arrest has left fans wondering what lies ahead.

One wrote: “Why did they arrest Keegan he didn’t do anything #EastEnders.”

Another viewer added: “Poor Keegan #EastEnders.”


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