EastEnders fans rage over ‘unlikely’ move as Sharon saves Phil Mitchell by changing her statement


EASTENDERS fans have been left raging after Sharon Watts saved Phil Mitchell from going to prison.

In last night’s episode, the former landlady (Letitia Dean) retracted her statement in which she claimed Phil (Steve McFadden) tried to kill Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) at Christmas.

EastEnders fans are raging over Sharon’s decision to retract her statement against Phil

Phil handed himself in to the police after causing the boat crash that led to the death of Sharon’s son Dennis (Bleu Landau).

He told the detectives: “I want to talk about my boy, Dennis.”

Police instead fired off questions about Sharon’s claims that Phil tried to kill Keanu.

Phil dodged their line of interrogation and insisted: “All you need to know that it is me that caused that boat to crash, alright?”

Sharon withdrew her claims that Phil tried to kill Keanu at Christmas

Phil was questioned by police over her claims earlier in the episode

His son Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) sensed that his dad was facing a life behind bars and rushed to Sharon, pleading with her to retract her statement.

He begged: “He thought he was gonna be a dad again, Sharon, and he had that all ripped away. Has he not suffered enough?”

His words worked and Phil was released back to Albert Square.

Viewers at home were appalled with Sharon’s decision to change her statement, saying they didn’t believe that she would “let him off so easily”.

One fumed: “Sharon genuinely changed her statement against Phil really? Why would she let him off so easily after everything he’s done to her?

“She’s totally gonna be in for even more hurt once she realises the part Ian played in her precious son’s death.”

Another added: “Why did Sharon listen to Ben? Phil deserves to be in prison or at least suffer for a while.”

A third ranted: “I’m honestly shook that Sharon changed her statement for Phil but at the same time Phil doesn’t deserve to go down for Dennis’ death.”

Later in the episode, Phil confronted Sharon over her decision and they shared a kiss. 

Sharon later kissed Phil when he asked why she’d retracted her statement

He asked: “Why did you do it? Why? I should’ve protected him, shouldn’t I? That was my job, and I didn’t. I need to pay, Sharon.”

Sharon replied: We can’t keep doing this to ourselves.

“It’s not good for anyone. Not for us, the kids, the grandkids… me. I lost Denny, and he’s never coming back. I don’t think I could lose you as well.”

She then leaned in and kissed him on the lips, before leaving the room.


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