EastEnders fans spot blunder as Shirley says she’s known about Mick’s abuse hell for months


EASTENDERS fans spotted a blunder last night as Shirley said she’s known about Mick’s abuse hell for months. 

The truth about the abuse Mick – who is played by Danny Dyer in the BBC One soap – suffered at the hands of Katy Lewis when he was a child finally came exploding out in the new year.

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EastEnders fans spotted a blunder as Shirley said she’s known about Mick’s abuse ordeal for months

Discussing Katy last night, Shirley urged Linda to encourage Mick to report Katy to the police and warned her that the paedophile could be lying about only ever abusing Mick. 

Linda looked surprised, asking Shirley: “No one else has come forward have they?”

Shirley replied: “Mick only told us a couple of months ago.”

She added: “The only way we’re going to put this thing to rest is for her to go down and pay for what she’s done.”

Linda told Shirley that Mick didn’t want to report Katy to the police

Shirley warned Linda that Katy could have other victims given that Mick has only just spoken out

Fans flocked to Twitter to point out Shirley’s mistake.

One tweeted: “Shirley just sed “Mick only told us a couple of months ago” a couple of months ago?!”

Another added: “I’m sure it was only a couple of weeks ago! Linda and Shirley didn’t know about this till into the new year #EastEnders.”

Shirley was devastated to discover Mick had been abused by Katy in the new year

Mick finally confronted Katy in the new year after months of trying to come to terms with her abuse – and forced her to admit she’d taken advantage of him.

The former pub landlord then confided in his wife Linda about what had happened.

Mick’s mum Shirley was next to discover the horrifying abuse after she overheard Katy threaten to tell the police that Mick had raped her.

Linda discovered another of Katy’s victims after her conversation with Shirley

Furious, she launched herself at Katy and drove her out onto the streets, violently kicking her until she was cowering on the floor.

Linda Carter discovered Katy’s other abuse victims last night as Frankie prepared to mark the death of her half-brother Harry by bringing his other sibling Jed to the Square for a memorial at the crematorium. 

With Shirley’s warning that Katy could by lying about having other victims still fresh in her mind, Linda immediately suspected all is not as it seems when Frankie explained that Harry’s dad was never involved in his life – but that brother Jed always kept in touch. 

When Linda probed Jed for information on Harry’s dad, he stormed out and later confirmed that Linda’s suspicions about Jed being Harry’s dad were true.


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