EastEnders fans spot blunder as vengeful Phil FORGETS hes related to Jacks children as he plots to kill them


EASTENDERS fans were quick to call out Phil Mitchell for actions which could have killed his relatives – despite his notion family comes first.

The hardman, played by Steve McFadden, has always hammered home the believe that family comes first.

Phil Mitchell attempted to kill Jack Branning on Monday, but fans called him out

Yet this seemed to pass him by when he was plotting to kill Jack Branning on Monday.

Phil believes Jack is the father to his partner Sharon Mitchell’s baby, when in fact it is Keanu Taylor.

As such, fans saw him plot with son Ben to enact revenge, with the character seen wielding a gun before heading into his car to try to run Jack over.

Peggy Mitchell’s son, despite his thuggish demeanor, has never actually killed anyone during his 24 years on the show yet Jack could have been the first – despite his children Amy and Ricky, who were also in the vehicle, being related to Phil.

Phil tried to run Jack’s car off the road not realising Ricky and Amy were inside

Fans pointed out the hypocrisy as Phil brands himself as a family man

Jack is the father of Amy, the daughter of Phil’s cousin Roxy Mitchell.

He is also dad to Ricky, whose mum is Sam Mitchell, Phil’s sister – making Phil his uncle.

The close family ties left fans all the more confused by the former Queen Vic owner’s actions.

One took to Twitter to quiz: “So Phil is all about family but he is okay to kill the father of his sister and cousins kids?”

Phil thinks Jack is the dad to Sharon’s baby, when it is in fact Keanu

Has anyone reminded Phil that Amy is his cousin and Ricky is his nephew yet he’s after killing their dad?

Another agreed: Even if it were Jack, would Phil really leave Amy without a dad? And Ricky? Yknow, Mitchell kids???

One then bluntly put: “Great to see Phil not wanting to hurt Amy and Ricky. His second cousin and his nephew.”

Meanwhile, EastEnders’ new Christmas trailer has revealed the exact moment when Phil realises it is in fact son in law Keanu who is the father to Sharon’s child.


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