EastEnders fans spot ‘clue’ Chantelle will be ‘killed off’ by Gray as actress Jessica Plummer ‘prepares to leave’


EASTENDERS fans think that they have spotted a “clue” that Chantelle will be killed off by evil husband Gray in the coming weeks.

Eagle-eyed viewers believe that 27-year-old actress Jessica Plummer is “preparing to leave” the BBC One soap after spotting that she recently got new headshots and she has been in the show for 12 months.

Fans believe the storyline could come to a harrowing end

Speaking on a soap forum, a user explained: “Chantelle will probably die unfortunately. Either way she’s definitely leaving in the next few months IMO.”

When asked why the long-suffering character is leaving, they continued: “Well Jessica Plummer had new headshots taken, which is what across do when they’re looking for a new gig: Bleu Landau who plays Denny got some a few months before he died.”

While some agreed with the fan’s theory, another rubbished the claim as they wrote: “True, but actors are expected to update their headshots periodically anyway.

“Plus, many EE actors have gotten other gigs while still working on the show.”

Some viewers think actress Jessica Plummer is ‘preparing to leave’
Evil Gray regularly abuses his wife

The original user continued: “But her contract would only be around 12 months, she arrived in March 2019, so I’m guessing the writers had her direct character arch planned out for those set 12 months.

“I’m guessing she’ll be killed off. But yeah she could leave the standard way, the Grey things are revealed and she leaves the show because there’s no more story to tell. Or there’s a decent 20% chance she’ll stay.”

Theorising how abusive Gray could end up killing his wife, many said that Chantelle’s growing relationship with old friend Kheerat will be a huge factor.

One wrote: “I think she’ll have a moment with Kheerat and he’ll find out and kill her.”

Could Gray end up killing Chantelle?

Another agreed: “I think that Gray will sleep with Whitney and Chantelle will kiss Kheerat and she will tell Gray but Gray would take out his anger on her, and the kids would be the ones to find out.”

A third argued that Chantelle could end up getting her happily every after with Kheerat, but unlucky-in-love Whitney will become Gray’s new victim as a further extension to her own character arch.

Chantelle and Gray joined EastEnders last year, with she the oldest of Karen Taylor’s children.

While they appear to be the perfect couple, viewers soon learned that behind closed doors Gray is physically abusive – and he has left Chantelle needed hospital attention on more than one occasion.

The evil character has even raped his wife and broken her arm, with viewers desperate for the disturbing storyline to come to an end.


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