EastEnders fans stunned by Karen Taylors boobs as she dresses up for E20


EASTENDERS’ Karen Taylor stunned viewers tonight with a low cut top and a push-up bra.

The barmaid – who is played by actress Lorraine Stanley in the BBC soap – pulled on her best gladrags for another shift at e20 not realising that Billy Mitchell was going to fire her.

Karen put on an eye-popping display

Her boobs saved her from the axe in the episode with Billy too stunned to say anything when she first emerged from the toilets having got changed.

I felt a bit underdressed but I thought KK would make a bit more effort, what do you reckon?”

“It’s a yes from me,” said Billy as he stared open-mouthed.

And when he recovered the ability to speak and tried to let Karen down gently she interrupted to tell him: “Listen I know I didn’t do too great but I don’t want you thinking I’m taking it lightly.

Billy was put in an awkward position

“It’s the only chance I’ve got to pay off this loan.”

Later even Karen herself was distracted by them, telling Billy: “Blimey, it’s been a while since these puppies seen any action.”

Viewers were stunned by the scenes and wondered where Karen had been hiding them.

Karen looked unrecognisable

One wrote: “Wowzer, Karen has got a pair of bangers on her!”

A second said: “Put ’em away, Karen!”

Another joked: “YES KAREN! No bra strap!”


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