EastEnders Jean tries to seduce Phil Mitchell in desperate bid to bring Stacey back to the Square


EASTENDERS hard-nut Phil Mitchell is left mightily confused when Jean Slater tries to seduce him in the mistaken belief it’ll help save Stacey.

Poor Jean flies into a panic when she becomes convinced that the crimelord and occasional mechanic knows her daughter attacked him and comes up with a bizarre method to win him round.

Taking on Shirley Carter’s advice that “seduction is the only way to get through to Phil” she pulls out all the stops in a bid to woo him.

Putting on her best clothes, he heads over to see him in a sparkly dress, only to find the moody Mitchell looking unimpressed and with his hands jammed firmly in his pockets.

Bewildered by the display, especially when Jean throws out her hands like she’s looking for a encore, he makes a run for it.

Of course, the whole charade is for nothing as Phil in fact believes it was Kat Slater who put him in hospital.

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