EastEnders’ Louisa Lytton gives fans a tour of new house with fiance Ben – but allergic star is horrified to find a cat


EASTENDERS’ Louisa Lytton gave fans a tour of her new house with fiance Ben – but the allergic star is horrified to find a cat.

The Ruby Allen actress, 31, was overjoyed to move into her new home, despite considering her old flat her “baby”.

Louisa had a new house guest she wasn’t too happy about

But all was not well when she filmed from her new house into her impressive garden, as a cat was sat on her new chair.

Filming the pink chair, Louisa said: “Everyone who knows me knows I’m highly allergic to cats.

“What are you doing in my chair? I have a cat next door! Do you like my new garden furniture by the way?”

Louisa told fans yesterday about her new adventure in the house with her fiance Ben.

The cat made itself at home on her furniture
Louisa moved into the new home with fiance Ben

She shared a photo of them two smiling on the moving van, with all their things crammed in.

Ben is wearing a white T-shirt with blue jeans, while Louisa opted for black leggings with a pink top.

She captioned the post: “Still unpacking i honestly don’t know how all of that stuff fit in our little flat. I feel so overwhelmed (in a good way) my flat was my baby, it looked after us during lock down, it allowed me and the girls (@alexlouizebird @mariannaneo )to fall in drunk after nights out, have nights in with 3BlindMice (@cartierfraseriheacho @mafromusic)

“it even had a space in the bed for @natashastonemua for a whole month whilst she held my hand and supplied lots of wine through a break up.

She gave fans a look at the cute things she was bought

The house coming together

Home shopping supplies

“It was mine and @bennnyy__ first home. Goodbye wedding (for now) Hello house 🏠 ❤ Shall i update you on the progress or are we bored of home accounts?!”

The soap star was due to when Ben in America this summer, but lockdown ruined those plans.

The couple got engaged whilst on holiday in the Maldives in May last year after dating for a year.

Speaking at the time about the romantic proposal Louisa told OK! : “When I saw him on one knee I started crying like a baby.

The pair got engaged last year

“I was so excited but my brain went into overdrive and I started freaking out. I had no idea he was going to propose

But Ben’s proposal almost didn’t go to plan because they were interrupted by a cleaner.

He told the magazine: “I took Louisa to a quiet part of the island where I knew no one else would be around.

“I told her I wanted to fly my drone to get some aerial pictures of the island, although really I wanted it to capture a video of the moment I proposed.

Ben proposed while they were in the Maldives

She plays Ruby in the soap

“As soon as I got it up in the air and reached to get the ring from the bag a cleaner walked past and was so mesmerised by the drone he was just stood next to us staring at it for ages. I had to wait for him to leave.

“The cleaner finally disappeared so I got a speaker out of my bag that I was going to use to play a song for when I proposed but the Wi-Fi signal was bad so I couldn’t get it to play.

“By this point I was so frustrated that I just grabbed the ring and got down on one knee!”

The soap star previously said she can’t wait to start a family after they walk down the aisle together.

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