EastEnders Mila desperately tries to save her sister from her evil mum’s plan


EASTENDERS Mila Mawra will desperately try to save her sister Kioni from her mum’s evil plan.

The barmaid – played by Ruhtxjiaïh Bèllènéa in the BBC soap – opened up about her homophobic family last month and talked about the past discrimination she’s received because of her sexuality.

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Mila Mawra’s sister Kioni joins Albert Square next week

Next week, Iqra becomes frustrated that Kim’s put their love life all over her new website.

Meanwhile, Iqra spots a young girl pocketing a candle and Mila recognises her instantly, her little sister Kioni.

Mila asks Iqra for privacy as she catches up with her sister, but she discovers some news that does not sit right with her.

Mila is left panicking after hearing about her mum’s plans to take her sister away

Kioni explains their mum is taking her away for the weekend soon, leaving Mila filled with dread at the news.

Later on, Mila is still worried when Kioni mentions her trip is in two weeks.

Mila, who has been staying with Kathy after admitting she was homeless, turns to her boss for help in a bid to protect her sister.

Mila revealed last month that she was homeless

A panicked Mila then asks Kathy if her sister can stay for a bit but Kathy only agrees to have her for dinner.

Mila worries about her mum’s intentions and wants to look out for Kioni – Kathy later orders Bobby to look after her.

Later in the week, Iqra battles with their feelings and has doubts as to whether Mila really cares.

Mila worries about her mum’s intentions

Viewers know that Mila recently broke down when a photographer took a snap of her and Iqra together after Kim – who’s running a dating agency in the Square – persuaded them to talk to the paper about their relationship.

When Iqra confronted Mila over her behaviour, she admitted that she had to leave home because her sexuality didn’t fit with her family’s strong beliefs. 

Mila revealed that her family’s religious beliefs and homophobia caused her to leave home and change her name, and says she desperately does not want them to find her.


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