EastEnders Natalie Cassidy teases another lesbian relationship for Sonia Fowler


EASTENDERS’ Natalie Cassidy has hinted at another lesbian relationship for her character Sonia Fowler.

Speaking with The Mirror’s Notebook magazine, the star coyly said Sonia just “loves human beings” and “who knows what the future holds”.

Natalie Cassidy has hinted at the chance of a lesbian relationship for her character Sonia Fowler

During the interview with The Mirror, when asked about the difference between kissing girls and boys, Natalie responded with: “Not really, it’s all just work, isn’t it?
“Less stubble rash. It’s a job and you get on with it. I don’t find kissing scenes awkward, you just make it a laugh.

“Sonia’s dabbled – but I don’t like to put a label on her sexuality, ‘lesbian’ or ‘bisexual’. Sonia just falls in love with human beings.

“Martin is her main love, but who knows what will happen in the future?”

The soap star went on to describe her character’s relationship with Martin and how that has affected her.

“My opinion is Sonia will always love Martin, and it’s quite sad really, because I don’t think he loves her in the same way.”

Sonia and Martin have been in an on-and-off relationship

The 36-year-old opened up on her friendship with James Bye, who plays the market trader Martin.

“Yeah, absolutely. We get on really well” Natalie said.

“We are both big fans of Ricky Gervais, so we quote bits of Extras or The Office at each other. We don’t socialise together outside of work, though, as we both have families.”

She also described Albert Square legends Steve McFadden (Phil) and Adam Woodyatt (Ian) as brothers and would she would go to for advice.

Shirley and Tina were once an item

Sonia re-kindled her relationship with Martin this year, after he separated from wife Stacey after Ben blackmailed and demanded that Stacey does not return to the square.

The nurse then shockingly stole Dot’s money to pay off the victim of a hit-and-run attack and Martin was in the vehicle.

Sonia has had her fair share of relationships with women, beginning with trainee nurse Naomi Julien in 2005.

She was also involved in a long and complicated relationship with Tina Carter, which ended when she left to take a new job in Kettering.



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