EastEnders’ Shane Richie teases return as Alfie Moon to cause CARNAGE between Kat and Phil


EASTENDERS’ Shane Richie has teased he’ll return as Alfie Moon to cause CARNAGE between Kat Slater and Phil Mitchell.

The actor’s character Alfie appeared to have faked his own death in January 2019 after he scammed £50k from Phil Mitchell then disappeared. 

Actor Shane Ritchie has teased a return to EastEnders

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But it seems the door is still very much open for Shane as he hinted at a possible return on ITV’s Lorraine this morning.

Host Lorraine quizzed the soap actor on whether he would return to Albert Square.

Shane replied: Alfie is still I believe, I speak to Jessie [Wallace] all the time, funnily enough I’m seeing her this week.

Shane said he could return to cause carnage for ex Kat Slater and new flame Phil Mitchell

“Alfie is still on the run in Spain running a bar somewhere in the Costa Del Sol.

“And I think he still owes money to Phil. And I know that Kat and Phil Mitchell are bumping ugly at the moment.

“They’re getting together, so who knows? There might be a chance to turn up and spoil that little party…but you didn’t hear that from me.”

Shane played legendary character Alfie for 17 years, until his departure in 2019.

Alfie is on the run after stealing £50k from hardman Phil

Shane first appeared on the soap in 2002 and left on Christmas Day in 2005.

He had another beloved spell on our screens in 2010 following the return of his onscreen wife Kat Slater, before departing again in 2016.

Alfie made a brief return in May 2018 to meet up with Kat’s cousin Hayley, who told him she was carrying his baby after their one-night stand, and became embroiled in a dramatic plot that saw him kidnap the newborn.

Alfie was last seen in Walford last year after staging his own death to escape the mountain of debt he had accrued. 

Kat has since moved on from Alfie

After scamming Phil Mitchell out of £50k, he then went on the run in Spain, leaving Kat in debt to the Mitchell hard man.

Shane previously opened up about a return one day but could not confirm when that would be.

He revealed: “I could well go back to EastEnders but I am not sure when exactly that’s going to be. In Reigate, where I live, they don’t watch EastEnders. I don’t think people in Surrey full stop watch EastEnders

“But it is amazing how people think that I am still in it. I think because they are talking about Alfie in the show that people assume I am still in it and people are always nice.”

Shane previously hinted at a return but could not confirm when

The actor also revealed to The Mirror: “I would love to go back. I think under the present climate, there are still restrictions at EastEnders, but I speak to Jessie [Wallace] a lot and I speak to Adam [Woodyatt].

“They were saying how tough it is at the moment, but I think that is the same for Corrie and Emmerdale. It is the same as making game shows or even doing this show.”


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