EastEnders Sharon could have avoided killing Mel by simply calling the police on her, insist fans


EASTENDERS fans were left wondering why Sharon Mitchell didn’t just call the police on Mel Owen in Tuesday’s episode, which would have stopped Mel from being “killed” in the later car crash.

Taking to the internet after the episode, one fan suggested that “Sharon could have easily phoned the Police [to] tell them about Mel knowing where Hunter was when he was on the run”.

Mel’s car went flying after she struck another car while talking on the phone
Sharon was chasing Mel after Mel threatened to reveal her big secret

This would, the fan claimed, have “meant that Mel would not be able to tell Phil about the affair as she would have been in custody”.

Mel’s son Hunter had escaped jail while awaiting transfer to another prison, and it led to him to returning to Walford where he and his mum made plans to flee to Portugal.

Hunter was later gunned down by police after he went on a rampage across the square and shot Ben Mitchell and Keanu Taylor.

If Sharon had called the police and given them this information, the theory goes that she would have been called in for questioning, stopping her from carrying out her own nefarious plan of revealing Sharon and Keanu’s affair to Phil Mitchell.

Hunter, Mel’s son, was on the run and Mel knew where he was

Sharon has been having an affair with her step-daughter’s boyfriend

She is now expecting a baby and Keanu is the father

Sharon is now pregnant with Keanu’s baby, however her husband Phil believe the baby is his.

Keanu is Sharon’s step-daughter Louise’s boyfriend, and Keanu is also expecting a baby with Louise.

“Nobody stays in the nick very long, so she’d probably be out in a week!” shared another fan as one viewer reminded everyone however that “prisoners are allowed to make phone calls, write letters and have visitors”.

“Mel would just have done one of those things to let Phil know as revenge,” they suggested.

Keanu is also expecting a baby with his girlfriend, Louise

Mel has been blackmailing Sharon but decided it was time to reveal her secret

Mel’s crash had similarities to her husband Steve’s death

Tuesday’s episode of the hit BBC One soap was action-packed, with Sharon chasing after Mel and crashing into her car as she threatened to reveal all about the affair.

The crash had eerie similarities to how her doomed love Steve Owen died 18 years ago.

Steve perished in a car crash after trying to kidnap Louise Mitchell as a baby.

She was saved but he went up flames.


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