EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell takes drastic action to stop Keanu Taylor murdering Callum Highway


EASTENDERS’ Ben Mitchell goes to extreme lengths to prevent Keanu Taylor from murdering the love of his life Callum Highway in upcoming scenes next week.

Fans were stunned when the mechanic rose from the dead and returned to the Square to ask Sharon to move abroad with him.

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Keanu Taylor wants revenge against the Mitchells in EastEnders

EastEnders fans will know that Keanu made a shocking return from the dead – after Martin and Linda staged his death – to beg Sharon to drop everything to be with him.

And in another unexpected move, the mechanic will try and get revenge on Ben Mitchell – who ordered Martin to finish him off – by targeting his lover Callum.

Spoiler images have shown Callum at a disused paper mill this week after being kidnapped by Keanu.

Meanwhile, Ben is left stunned when he finds Keanu – who he thought was dead – lurking in the shadows at his home as hedemands 100,000 in exchange for keeping Callum alive.

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Ben is terrified of what Keanu might do to Callum in EastEnders

In explosive scenes yet to air, Ben struggles to cope with the mounting pressure after being blackmailed by Keanu.

During the huge anniversary week, the villain goes to extreme lengths to stop Keanu from killing Callum.

Will he finish Keanu off for real this time?

Actor Danny has teased that Keanu is back to break Ben by targeting his boyfriend.

He said: Well Ben Mitchell has taken everything from Keanu, he even tried to get Keanu killed, so Keanu is back and he wants to put Ben through what he went through.

“Ben wanted Keanu dead, so Keanus hell bent on revenge of course, he wants to make him feel that hes lost everything.

“Its essentially like a game of chess, and to get to the King, which Keanu sees Ben as, he needs to go after the most precious thing to him, and thats Callum”


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