EastEnders spoilers: Chantelle Atkins terrified of husband Gray after discovering the truth about his nightclub fight


EASTENDER’S Chantelle Atkins will be left unsettled in an upcoming episode after she makes a shocking discovery about her husband Gray.

The hair stylist – played by Jessica Plummer in the BBC soap – will be terrified of Gray after discovering that he started the violent fight with Jack.

Chantelle will discover that Gray started the nightclub fight in EastEnders next week

EastEnders viewers have watched the forgiving wife bear the brunt of Grays controlling and abusive behaviour for months.

Despite numerous promises to change, the evil solicitors anger issues have been getting the better of him as hes launched a series of physical and mental attacks against his vulnerable wife.

In shocking scenes in September, Chantelle was punched in the stomach by the manipulative brute after he felt left out at a family party.

Viewers were then devastated when Chantelle lost her unborn baby after Gray announced her pregnancy to their nearest and dearest at the Queen Vic.

After experiencing pains she went to the hospital alone and was devastated to be given the news, but felt she had to keep the secret from her unpredictable husband.

EastEnders viewers will also know that the evil solicitor recently begged Chantelle for forgiveness after she found out about his brutal nightclub fight with Jack Branning.

He claimed he’d kept the assault under wraps because of the baby.

Chantelle has been dealing with Gray’s bursts of anger in EastEnders
Gray has repeatedly promised to be a better man in EastEnders

But in an upcoming episode, Chantelle cant get the thought of the nightclub fight out of her head.

She takes matters into her own hands and asks Jack what really happened that night.

And in an upcoming scene, the hairdresser is horrified when Jack reveals that Gray started the assault.

The vulnerable character is left worrying that Gray’s violent behaviour no longer seems to just be behind closed doors.

The terrified wife later musters up the courage to confront Gray.

But in explosive scenes he sees red, prompting Chantelle to admit shes scared of him.

A long-suffering Chantelle then supports her husband as he prepares to attend a therapy session but

things dont go quite as planned.

Will Gray open up and get help or will Chantelle grow tired of his repeated promises to change?


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