EastEnders spoilers: Ian Beale launches his political career determined to become local councillor


IAN Beale will move from being the Squares resident foodie into politics as he launches a bit to become local councillor in EastEnders next week.

But troubled son Bobby isnt impressed with Ians latest plan as he fails to listen to him as hes too preoccupied with becoming Walfords new councillor.

Ian Beale has his sights set on becoming Walford’s newest politician

It will come as a blow for Bobby who has been battling with his inner demons since being released from prison earlier this year.

The teen whos played by Clay Milner Russell was haunted by ghostly visions of his sister Lucy who he killed back in 2014.

And following an almost fatal incident with a train track, Ian (Adam Woodyatt) made a promise to be more present for his son.

So that lasted a long time.

He wants to swap a lifetime of fish for high office

The news comes as a blow to Ian’s son Bobby Beale

Last month fans feared that Bobby was going to end up dead after following the ghost of Lucy onto a train track.

After trying to set fire to the house to rid himself of Lucy last month Bobby called on a friend to help him.

But his grandmother Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) had his friend arrested so Bobby fled the Square and slept rough.

Struggling to cope he saw Lucy with the jewellery box he used to kill her and couldn’t stop his visions.

Once-homeless Ian has a wealth of life experience to draw upon

Poor Bobby was almost run over by Linda Carter’s car

Running into Rainie she started another row with him and he ran off terrified.

Sprinting off he was almost run over by Linda Carter’s car and Rainie tried to help him but opening up about her own history he called her a “crackhead whore” and ran off again.

He decided to take Rainie’s words to heart and found a dealer to buy drugs but it just made it worse.

As well as being haunted by Lucy, he saw visions of Rainie in his drug induced state and he followed her to the train station.


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