EastEnders spoilers: Jack Branning arrests suspect in Ian Beale’s brutal attack


JACK Branning arrests a suspect following Ian Beale’s brutal attack in EastEnders. 

Ian will be left for dead in a horror attack with multiple suspects next week in EastEnders after infuriating half of Walford. 

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Jack arrests someone under suspicion of attacking Ian Beale

Upcoming scenes of the BBC soap will see Sharon stumble across Ian on the floor of the pub when she returns from picking up Albie from Karen’s. 

Panicking, Sharon calls Kathy and reveals she’s found Ian in a bad way. 

Kathy arrives and, unable to find a pulse, they fear the worst as they wait for the ambulance to take Ian to the hospital. 

Later, viewers will see Jack leading the way with the investigation on Ian’s attack.

Ian will be left for dead in a horror attack next week

There will be a long list of suspects with multiple residents holdings a grudge against Ian

But they struggle to make headway with so many potential suspects holding a grudge against Ian.

Eventually, however, the police make a breakthrough and arrest someone under suspicion of the attack.

Matters are complicated when Jack drags another suspect into the station and gets the police interview underway. 

Will the attacker be found?

WIth Ian having offended, betrayed and conned half of Walford over the last few months, the suspect list is a long one.

Main suspects will include Rainie and Stuart after Ian viciously lets slip that Tiffany is planning to be Rainie and Stuart’s surrogate in front of Whitney, who then puts doubts in Tiff’s mind.

Max will also be a suspect after Ian spots him kissing Linda and threatens to expose their affair if Max doesn’t stop badgering him about money.

Tina is also holding a grudge against Ian after assuming Mick’s bad mood is thanks to losing the Queen Vic.

But who will be arrested?

Fans will have to tune in to find out.


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