EastEnders spoilers: Mick Carter furiously punches Max Branning as he tries to get Linda back


MICK Carter punches Max Branning and threatens to kill him next week in EastEnders as he accuses Linda of staying with him out of pity.

Max – who is played by Jake Wood in the BBC One soap – was gutted when Linda ended their affair and went back to her husband Mick last month.

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Mick is furious when Max accuses Linda of staying with him out of pity

But next week he’ll hatch a plan to win Linda back when Jack tells him about Mick’s abuse. 

Viewers will see Max search Jack’s house and grow delighted when he stumbles upon a USB stick.

Later, Max marches over to Phil’s holding the USB and presents the incriminating evidence to him.

Max points out how long Phil could end up in prison and tells him what he wants in exchange for his silence. 

Mick violently lashes out at Max

Max tells Linda he loves her but she rejects him

What is he after?

Later, Max tells Linda that he’s got a surprise that may help her and she realises in horror that he knows about Mick’s abuse.

After quizzing Max, Linda is furious to discover that Jack told him.

Jack heads over to Mick’s to apologise but Mick storms out, heading to find Max. 

Max departs from Walford

Mick furiously punches Max after he accuses Linda of staying with Mick out of pity and threatens to kill him.

Later, Mick tells Linda they can’t move on with Max around, leading her to tell Max never to speak to her again and leave Walford. 

Max announces he loves her but Linda makes clear her heart lies with Mick.

Viewers will then see Max make a huge decision as he walks away from Walford holding little Abi.


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