EastEnders spoilers: Mick Carter reels as he gets an update on abuser Katy Lewis’ court case


MICK Carter is shaken to the core as he gets an update on abuser Katy Lewis’ court case next week in EastEnders. 

Frankie’s mum Katy was revealed to be a serial abuser who preyed on young boys when she was a care worker, including Mick Carter. 

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Mick is shaken when he gets an update on Katy’s court case

After months struggling to come to terms with the abuse, Mick finally confronted Katy and opened up to his friends and family. 

However, when Katy’s other victims came forward, Mick refused to testify against Katy in court. 

Mick refused to testify against Katy in court for fear of seeing her again

Frankie then offered to give her DNA to the police to prove she’s Mick and Katy’s daughter, and provide strong evidence that Katy abused Mick. 

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Mick meet Tom, his Independent Sexual Violence Advisor, and receive an update on the court case.

Mick is left reeling by what Tom has to say. 

What is he going to reveal?

The BBC soap has worked with SurvivorsUK and the NSPCCA on the abuse storyline to make sure Mick’s storyline is as accurate as possible.

Jon Sen, Executive Producer EastEnders revealed: “Viewers have always been aware that Mick spent many years in care, which has been the cause of his fractured relationship with Shirley but now the audience will discover just why Mick’s childhood has been so traumatic. 

“This storyline will see Mick having to confront the demons of his past, something he has desperately tried to avoid for many years and face up to the realisation that he experienced abuse whilst he was in care. 

“Our work with SurvivorsUK and NSPCC has been vital in informing and grounding Mick’s story very much in reality.”

He added: “We hope this storyline will help to challenge the perceptions, the stigma and the shame – particularly experienced by male survivors.”


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