EastEnders the clues and questions from episode one that point to who will die


EASTENDERS kicked off a dramatic series of episodes on Monday to coincide with the broadcast landmark later in the week.

The dramatic episode saw a large group of Albert Square residents on a boat party on the Thames after Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) and Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) tried to decide how to respond to the killing of Leo King.

Someone is set to die this week – but who will it be?

Linda Carter’s (Kellie Bright) battle with alcoholism and her relationship problems with Mick took centre stage as she got in a fight with Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) in the Queen Vic.

The programme ended on a cliffhanger after the boat began to sink and Mick tried to rescue a trapped and drunk Linda from the hull.

HOAR previously revealed that one character WILL die by the end of the week. Here, we examine the clues from last nights drama that could point to who will perish

Mick Carter

Mick Carter is trapped – but will he escape?

The biggest clue it will be Mick (Danny Dyer) is the fact he was last seen trying to rescue his wife Linda as water steadily rose around them.

We already know that Mick isnt a great swimmer having only learnt a few years ago so could this be the end?

Linda Carter

Linda tells Mick to leave her – is she ready to die?

Like Mick, Linda is currently stuck on the boat. Unlike Mick though, no one really cares about her at this stage and have all happily boarded the rescue boats.

She has also urged Mick to leave her perhaps a sign she is resigned to the fact she will die?

Over the last few weeks there have been a number of references to former landladies dying one of whom was drowned in a bath.

Linda is also the only character to address her fate, shouting: I dont want to die.

Bex Fowler

Bex is seen stumbling around on the deck – will she survive?

We already know actress Jasmine Armfield is leaving the soap so could it be her who perishes?

During the episode she was seen looking very unsteady on her feet after taking some pills given to her from Dotty.

She was last seen wandering around on the top deck

Phil Mitchell

Phil has snuck onto the boat but does anyone know he is there?

Phil has made a surprise return to the square to help his son Ben out.

He somehow sneaks onto the boat and is seen hiding out but why?

As no one seems to know he is there, he seems to be a likely candidate to be left behind when the lifeboats leave.

At one point the residents think they hear a gunshot is Phil behind it?

Kat Slater

Kat looks a little shifty and is seen going off to search for Kush – why?

Kat has come under question for the first time during last nights episode as she was seen looking very shifty when she heard there had been an accident.

She was also was seen brushing off pleas to get into a life boat when the captain sounded the alarm, instead rushing back inside.

Her behaviour seems to be pointing at something but what did she do?

Whitney Dean

Whitney is acting strangely after killing Leo – and goes missing

Its not a great day for Whitney as shes on the edge during the entire episode after killing Leo.

She is seen hanging around the top deck and is devastated when Mick tells her he has to hand Leos body in.

Jack is seen screaming for her as everyone gets evacuated is this a clue she goes missing?

Ian Beale

Iain is seen walking off when everyone evacuates – why?

Ian looks less than impressed during the boat party and he is seen running in a different direction when everyone is evacuated.

Where is he going?

Questions that need answering

Why did Kat go looking for Kush where was he when the incident happened?

Did Ben make it on to the boat he was last seen shouting as it left the dock?


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