Emmerdale: Cain and Nates complicated history explained as fans slam the disloyal Dingles


EMMERDALE fans have slammed the Dingles for their disloyalty after they sided with Nate over Cain in last nights episode.

Cain was disgusted to discover that long-lost son Nate was sleeping with his wife Moira as part of his revenge plot and fans agree the act was unforgivable.

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Cain and Nate have a complicated relationship in Emmerdale

Why does Nate hate Cain in Emmerdale?

Nate was under the impression that Cain had abandoned him and set his sights on tearing apart Cains family for revenge in Emmerdale.

He seduced Cain’s wife Moira and slowly ripped his marriage apart as part of his revenge plot.

But Nates vendetta against Cain was all for nothing after a devastated Cain revealed he had no idea that Nate even existed.

Nates mum Cara was a woman Cain had a relationship with 20 years earlier, but Cain insisted shed just upped and left without explanation one day.

Nate sabotaged Cain's marriage to Moira

Nate sabotaged Cain’s marriage to Moira

Why does Cain hate Nate?

Cains world came crashing down when he discovered that his wife Moira was having an affair.

In another shocking twist he discovered shed been sleeping with his son – Nate Robinson.

Nate revealed his true identity after Cain confronted him about cheating with his wife after taking the pair out on a boat trip.

Nate hasn’t stopped causing trouble around the village since and won’t stop tormenting Cain.

In episodes this week, Cain took matters into his own hands and tried to poison his son Kyle against Nate after discovering that they’d been spending time together.

He told his son: People arent always what they pretend to be. Bad people can seem like good people and Nate is one of those bad people.

Moira and Cain ended their marriage after she slept with his son Nate
Moira and Cain ended their marriage after she slept with his son Nate

Why have the Dingles sided with Nate over Cain?

This week, Cain was furious to discover that the Dingles have accepted Nate into the family without his permission.

He came in to find them all watching a film and told them to go to hell before storming out.

And in an upcoming episode, Charity is set to rile Cain further by inviting Nate over for dinner.

Cain has always been the black sheep of the family as the illegitimate son of Zak Dingle and his sister-in-law Faith.

Fans know that the local hardman has a nasty streak and was nearly killed in an attack by his dad Zack – who the Dingles then easily forgave…

Since his first appearance on Emmerdale in 2000, bad boy Cain has had a series of flings and affairs.

He’s cheated on Charity Dingle and Moira multiple times, and it’s unsurprising that Charity still bears a grudge against him the way he treated her.

How have fans reacted to the storyline?

Fans are baffled by Cains family siding with Nate over Cain.

One fan tweeted: “Dingles are always harping on about family but can’t support Cain? Seriously? #Emmerdale.”

Another added: “#emmerdale Like the Dingles would REALLY put Nate, someone they’ve only known for five minutes, and who wrecked a marriage, before Cain. Absolutely ridiculous.”

A third tweeted: “F the Dingles for taking in Nate. Have the forgot what he did? There shouldnt be a good end of the stick. Moira (especially) & Cain got the worst end#Emmerdale.”


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