Emmerdale fans blast ‘boring’ drugs plot with Leyla Cavanagh


EMMERDALE viewers have blasted the soap for its drugs storyline with Leyla Cavanagh.

The wedding planner – who is played by actress Roxy Shahidi in the ITV soap – has developed a cocaine habit over recent months.

Leyla Cavanagh has developed a cocaine addiction
She rummaged through a food bin for a bag of drugs

Viewers know Leyla has been knocking back the drugs with new pal Suzy.

The habit began during the aftermath of stepdaughter Leanna’s murder – and has since spiralled out of control.

But tonight Suzy confronted her over using her to just get access to her drugs.

Leyla hit bacLeyk and insisted she wouldn’t do that – and didn’t need drugs to have a good time.



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However after failing to have a night in with her own husband Liam, Leyla was clearly struggling.

Pacing in her kitchen she made a decision to return to cocaine to get herself in the mood for an intimate night in the bath with Liam.

“Just give me a sec,” shouted Leyla as she dug her drugs stash out of the compost bin to Liam upstairs.

Scraping off the bits of food scraps off it, she looked like she was about to start using it.

But viewers find it ridiculous and have slammed the storyline for boring them.

One wrote: “This whole Leyla the druggy is badly conceived & more than a tad ridiculous.”

A second posted a snoring emoji and wrote: “Emmerdale’s boring tonight.”

Another sarcastically added: “Leyla will probably be cooking crystal meth in Lydia & Sam’s new caravan by next week. It would be just SOO #Emmerdale.”

Suzy accused Leyla of using her for drugs

But Emmerdale fans have branded the storyline ‘boring’ and ‘ridiculous’


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