Emmerdale fans convinced Luke is going to kidnap Victorias baby for his dead rapist brother Lee


EMMERDALE fans are convinced Luke Posner is up to no good and wants to kidnap Victoria Sugden’s baby.

The canteen assistant – who is played by actor Max Parker in the ITV soap – has been growing closer to Victoria despite the news that his dead brother was the man who raped her, causing her to get pregnant.

Luke’s behaviour has seen some fans question his motives

But while many fans think the pair have real chemistry and the universe has brought them together, all the knock backs Luke has ignored has others suspicious.

Earlier this week he was beaten black and blue by Aaron Dingle after he discovered Robert had left him for good.

And with the news Luke will be returning as revealed exclusively by The Sun Online, fans are now convinced he is up to no good.

One wrote: “I still think Luke is up to no good will probably run off with the baby as I am sure his Mum wants her grandchild as a reminder of her dead son.”

He and Victoria have been growing closer despite all the obstacles in their way

A second said: “I still think there’s something ‘off’ about Luke though. Just the way he acts sometimes, I like him, and then he just comes across a little bit keen on someone heavily pregnant due to being raped by his dead brother.

“I agree with another poster, I think the plan is to get close to her, and then kidnap the baby.”

Another added: “It’s creepy and ridiculous for the show to saddle Victoria with the brother of the man who brutally raped her, and his unhinged stalker mother.”

However, others defended the character, with one saying: “I think if Luke and his mother become permanent then it’s likely Luke will make her realise Lee did rape Vic and wasn’t the good son she thought he was.

“She’ll then apologise to Vic for how she’s behaved and everyone moves on.”

* Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV


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