Emmerdale fans demand Malone is murdered after he threatens to pimp Dawn Taylor out


EMMERDALE viewers are desperate for DI Malone to be murdered after his vile threat about Dawn Taylor.

The corrupt cop – who is played by actor Mark Womack in the ITV soap – told Billy he would use the young mother as a prostitute until she’s “worn out” in a sickening threat.

Malone issued the sickening threat tonight

In tonight’s episode Malone discovered Cain and Billy had hidden the blood-soaked 4X4 as an insurance policy against him – and he was furious.

Determined to keep the pair under his control, Malone visited them and demanded answers.

He said: “Why did you keep the car in the first place when I told you to crush it.

“Because I can only think of one reason – you were holding onto it as some kind of leverage. Is that what’s going on here?

He later had Billy arrested over a fake assault
Dawn is without protection now Billy is locked up

“You were trying to play me. I’m surprised at you Billy, risking the lives of your family and loved ones.

“I’m going to keep pushing you around until you’re no use to me. Until you’re all worn out and no use to anyone.

“See I wonder that girlfriend of yours could do for me. I bet there’s something she’s good at.”

He later had Billy arrested for an assault he couldn’t possibly have committed but his evil threat stuck out for fans.

They have demanded someone murder him before he can carry it out.

One wrote: “Someone just kill Malone #Emmerdale”

A second said: “Right that’s it, when they are back filming we need another whodunnit-this time for the eventual murder of DI Malone! #Emmerdale”


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