Emmerdale fans disgusted with Chas Dingle as she makes shock move with Al Chapman


EMMERDALE fans are disgusted with Chas Dingle after she cheated on husband Paddy with Al Chapman.

The Woolpack bar manager – who is played by actress Lucy Pargeter in the ITV soap – passionately snogged the schemer who robbed her of her livelihood tonight.

Chas and Al got very frisky on Emmerdale tonight
The pair were enjoying an outdoor drink when passion struck

Viewers know Chas is struggling to cope with the news of her mum’s terminal cancer diagnosis.

But after bonding with her mum, Chas decided to pick a fight with Paddy.

Snapping at him for finding a hospice for Faith in the future, Chas raged at him and took her anger out on him.

“It would help if you shut up, I don’t want to hear it Paddy,” she snapped before leaving.

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Finding Al, he defended Paddy and she lost it on him too.

“You have never loved anyone like I love my mum,” she said.

“Look at Ellis how you dealt with him. You pushed him away because you are cold. You are dead inside, you have no idea what love is.”

Al offered to be a friend to Chas – and she took him up on it.

Opening up about how she managed to forgive her mum for leaving her with abusive dad Shadrach, Al admitted he was jealous of her for being surrounded by family.

“I’m on my own,” he said before brushing off that he had Kerry.

Chas told him she wanted to forget and he helped her by producing a bottle of booze.

But as they drank, they grew closer and Chas dragged him into a corner and began passionately kissing him.

Viewers are completely disgusted with her.

One wrote: “Chas what the hell are you doing? Poor paddy.”

A second said: “Chas and Al oh my god i’m gonna throw up.”

Another complained: “Good grief, could Chas get any more vile?”


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