Emmerdale fans fear new Vicar Charles is a secret murderer after string of worrying clues


EMMERDALE fans have noticed a series of worrying clues to suggest new Vicar Charles is an undercover murderer.

Viewers came up with this theory as the ITV soap newcomer nattered with his son Ethan in the pub last night.

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Emmerdale think Charles might be a secret murderer

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Charles (Kevin Mathurin) declined an offer from Andrea to go for a drink, (Anna Nightingale) in favour of spending time with his son, but Ethan (Emile John) wasn’t very impressed.

It was later revealed that Charles’ birthday falls on the same day Ethan’s mother disappeared.

The vicar called his son dramatic and tried to play down the whole thing, before Ethan said: “We never saw her again. That’s what disappear means.”

After Ethan revealed that he hadn’t heard his dad arguing with his mum on the day she left, Charles said they didn’t have a row, but Ethan’s mum decided to just leave quietly instead.

Viewers think Charles might be hiding something

This fan thinks there may be more to Charles than meets the eye

Is Charles keeping a massive secret?

Charles said Ethan’s mother called, but the lawyer said he didn’t remember speaking to her on the phone.

After Charles quickly changed the subject, Emmerdale viewers began to suspect that he is keeping a very big secret.

One fan took to social media and speculated: “Did Charles murder his ex and pretend she ran away ???? #emmerdale.”

Another wrote: “Has this vicar got a few skeletons in his closet… disappeared wife sounds a bit dodgy #emmerdale.”

A third added: “Was it just me or did it sound like Charles murdered his wife.”

Charles and Ethan were discussing the disappearance of his mum
Ethan said he hasn’t seen his mum since she left when he was younger, but why did she leave?

Despite initially turning Andrea down, spoilers reveal he has a change of heart and agrees to go for a drink after encouragement from Ethan.

This does not go down well with Manpreet, who suppresses her jealousy when she sees them together. 

Charles arranges another date with Andrea after their first one goes swimmingly. 

But when Meena gets wind of the union she’s unsettled and starts stirring with Manpreet. 

What tricks will Meena have up her sleeve this time?

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