Emmerdale fans horrified as Faith Dingle keeps life-changing secret from son Cain


EMMERDALE fans were left horrified as Faith Dingle gets her cancer results and hides the truth from her son.

Cain – who’s yet to forgive Faith after her betrayal over his secret son Nate Robinson – rejected his mum after discovering her cancer may have returned in recent scenes.

Faith Dingle horrified fans as she gets her cancer results and hides it from son Cain

Cain finally forgave her last week and vowed to support his mum in her upcoming cancer battle.

In tonight’s episode, Faith gets a call from hospital asking her to come in urgently and is left fearing the worst. 

Faith is relieved to finds out that she’s in the all-clear and is cancer free. But Manpreet explains that the test flagged up show up something else.

Back at the Woolpack, an overwhelmed Faith told Chas about the positive news.

But also reveals that she’s been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, which is manageable.

Faith then enters the pub and spots Cain and her great-granddaughter Sarah sitting behind the bar.

A delighted Faith is prepared to tell them her good news but Sarah then says that that she has an activity day planned for the three of them at the HOP the following day.

Faith decides to keep tight-lipped about her results, in an attempt to use this as an opportunity to mend her broken relationship with her son.

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ITV fans were gobsmacked that Faith would stoop so low.

One wrote: “Don’t keep the results a secret Faith.”

Another shared: “Oh Faith, tell them!”

A third added: “Faith should of told cain about being cancer free. It will only make things worse when he finds out later on.”


Speaking about her cancer storyline, Emmerdale star Sally Dexter – who plays Faith in the ITV soap – told the Mirror: “She’s scared, once you’ve been bitten by cancer it’s very easy to live in fear in some ways of it coming back.

“She doesn’t live in fear of it but it hovers at the back of her mind. It’s dramatic.

Talking about whether it could reunite her family, she added: “She doesn’t want to worry them or for them to accept her out of pity.

“She wants a real relationship with them again, and that matters to her more than anything and it’s a big deal.

“She would certainly hope [it would bring them closer] and would turn herself inside out to make that happen.

“But it certainly brings all of that to the forefront of things. The relationship is very dramatic and heartfelt.”

Cain is yet to forgive his mum for her betrayal over his secret son Nate Robinson


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