Emmerdale fans in hysterics as Will Taylor brands Harriet Finch a ‘gormless bint’ in scathing takedown


EMMERDALE fans are in hysterics after Will Taylor called vicar Harriet Finch a “gormless bint”.

The ex-con – who is played by actor Dean Andrews in the ITV soap – was left furious when ex Harriet questioned him over rumours he is sleeping with Kim Tate.

Will Taylor made the remark to Harriet
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“I’m not sleeping with Kim, you gormless bint,” he said.

“Oh I’m sorry is bint too 1980s for you? I’m not sure what is and isn’t allowed these days.”

He added: “You do know I’m trying to protect Dawn and Lucas, don’t you? 

“I’m at Home Farm because we buried Malone’s body in their woods. 

“Do you remember Malone? The guy who tried to destroy our lives, who you copped off with and murdered. 

“This is your mess and I’m sorting it out so do not make out that I am betraying you.”

As Harriet tried to fight back, Will insisted: “I’ve got no interest in Kim but I’ll tell you what if keeping my family safe means I have to have sex with her then trust me – I’ll do it.”

And while Will’s rant was very powerful, viewers were still laughing at his insult towards Harriet.

Harriet is dealing with her guilt

One wrote: “Lmao Will calling Harriet a bint !”

A second said: “Gormless bint #EMMERDALE. LMAO”

Another added: “As if he jsit called her a gormless bint!!!”



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