Emmerdale fans shocked as Sarah Sugden agrees to deal drugs for Danny even after Noah overdosed


EMMERDALE fans were left shocked as Sarah Sugden agreed to deal drugs for Danny – even after Noah overdosed just days earlier.

Sarah has been going off the rails recently since meeting dodgy Danny online.

Danny emotionally blackmails Sarah

He has encouraged her to skip school, before dragging her into the world of drugs by asking her to stash narcotics for him.

However, her uncle Noah – who is one year older than her – got into the stash and ended up overdosing.

At the start of the episode, Sarah tries to encourage Noah to go to the hospital as he has kidney pains from the experience, but he refuses.

Later on, she meets up with Danny to talk about the lost drugs.

Danny told Sarah that he didn’t have a choice about dealing drugs
Sarah looked concerned as she offered to help Danny with his dodgy dealings

Meeting in a changing room, Danny begins his plan to emotionally manipulate young Sarah.

“I know it wasn’t your fault that Noah took the stash,” he tells her, as she replies: “It was. I wish I’d hidden it better.”

“I wish you had. I’m scared,” Danny says. “This is just the start. I have to pay them what I owe. They want me to deal for them.”

Looking concerned, Sarah fires back: “You can’t!”

“Does it look like I have a choice?” Danny replies, showing her the wound on his head. “I should never have given you the drugs in the first place. It’s my own fault.”

Sarah then says: “I wish there was something you could do to help?” to which Danny requests: “There is. I need you to deal for me.”

Noah overdosed on Danny’s stash a few days ago

Charity finds out from Graham that Noah is suffering from kidney pain.

Furious, the mother confronts him – but he throws her bad parenting back in her face, saying he doesn’t even know if she loves him.

Charity manages to win Noah round, but when Sarah returns, she snaps at the girl, shouting: “I expect better of you. But with all this recently, of you getting drunk and throwing up and acting like a little brat, maybe I shouldn’t.”

Annoyed at her grandmother, she rings up Danny and agrees to help him sell drugs.

After a row with her mum, Sarah tells Danny she will deal drugs for him

Fans were shocked at her descent into the underworld, with one person saying: “Don’t do it sarah !! #Emmerdale.”

Another adding: “Good god Sarah!!!! Are you really this stupid?????”

A third said: “noooo come on sarah your better than this (sic).”


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