Emmerdale fans spot clue that proves Faith knows Nate is Cains son and has been hiding it


EMMERDALE fans have spotted proof Faith Dingle knew all along that Nate Robinson is Cain’s secret son.

The Dingle matriarch – who is played by actress Sally Dexter in the ITV soap – was seen rummaging through Nate’s caravan after fearing Cain was about to kill him.

Faith panicked after finding the picture in Nate’s caravan

She discovered a photograph in a drawer that saw her look on in horror and collapse.

And in tonight’s episode she hid her discovery from the others while remaining truly shocked.

She tried to convince Pete Barton that he should let Cain and Nate deal with it amongst themselves and not interfere with his killer plan.

Faith told him: “I think we should stay out of this. This is between them and one way or another they need to sort this out.”

She told Pete to let Cain and Nate deal with everything
Cain saved Nate in the end after trying to kill him

Her suspicious behaviour has fans convinced Faith knows exactly who Nate is and has been hiding it since he arrived in the village.

One wrote: “So obviously Faith knows that Nate is Cains son, how does she know? When did she realise? Why hasnt she mentioned it to Cain? Hes her grandson, why keep it secret?”

A second said: “”Are we supposed to be surprised Faith knew Cain had a son?”

Another added: “”Faith knew Cain had a son out there.”

Actress Sally Dexter recently told The Sun Online how she would be leaving the soap as this storyline came to a conclusion, but insisted she would return.

* Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV


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