Emmerdale fans terrified for Charity Dingle as she’s kicked out of the family and hits rock bottom


EMMERDALE fans are terrified for Charity Dingle after she was brutally kicked out of the family – and banned from seeing her grandchildren.

The schemer – who is played by actress Emma Atkins in the ITV soap – was left devastated when Cain returned to deliver the news.

Charity Dingle was brutally kicked out of the family on Emmerdale tonight

He told her: “You don’t get to see her kids anymore, not without asking me first and I’m pretty sure that I know what I’m going to say.

“She doesn’t want to talk to you and I don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon.”

He added: “This is family this is and she can’t be part of it because she can’t be trusted.

“You get inside people’s heads, right inside and you choose the cruellest thing possible.

Cain told Charity she wouldn’t be seeing her kids anymore

Chas watched on as Cain laid into Charity

“And that’s the thing that you choose to do – every single time. We don’t want you. 

“Debbie doesn’t want you and nobody wants you.”

Losing all her fight, Charity left the pub but Marlon was worried for her.

“That was rough,” he told Chas. 

Fans are now worried about how Charity will take the news

“Did she deserve that really?  I’ve never seen her like that before, I haven’t. I’ve seen her lose an argument before – but she’s always had that thing like an angry cat where you’ve felt sorry for her and reached out and she’s had your hand off. 

“But in there she had the stuffing knocked out of her, there was zero stuffing.”

And fans were worried about her too.

One wrote: “I can’t be the only one who wants to give Charity a big hug right now….”

A second said: “It’s disgusting how Charity Is being treated … shouldn’t kick ppl when they are down especially by a bunch of hypocrites.”

Another added: “Poor Charity, I’m worried what she will do now she has no one…”


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