Emmerdale: Sam Dingle and Lydia Hart’s disastrous wedding explained as actor James Hooton speaks out


SAM Dingle and Lydia Hart are in for a shocker at their wedding when Lydia goes missing on the morning of the big day.

But do they manage to tie the knot before everything goes pear-shaped? Here’s all you need to know about Sam and Lydia’s wedding on the ITV soap, which airs tomorrow (April 15)…

Mandy loses a drunk Lydia and then falls in a ditch herself after being put in charge of the hen party

Why does Lydia go missing on her wedding day in Emmerdale?

Lydia had made clear her concerns about Mandy being in control of the hen do, and it looks like she was right to be worried as her hopes of a civilised event go out of the window. 

First of all there’s a mix up when a masseur arrives at the stag do. 

But judging by the spoiler pic below, Sam makes the most of it. 

Mandy then coerces Lydia into going on a night out and plies her with booze. 

But for some reason the taxi driver ends up dropping them off in the middle of nowhere and Mandy falls in a ditch. 

When she finally hauls herself out of the undergrowth, she realises Lydia has gone missing.

A mix-up sees a masseur arrive at Sam’s stag do in Emmerdale

The wedding the next day doesn’t get off to the best start when Lydia is nowhere to be found. 

Leyla and Kerry are concerned when they realise Lydia hasn’t turned up.

We’re guessing she probably ended up having a little too much to drink the night before thanks to Mandy’s involvement…

But thankfully she eventually appears and gets ready for the ceremony. 

Speaking about the mishap to Radio Times, Karen Black – who plays Lydia – said: “It goes reasonably smoothly, for a Dingle ceremony.

“There’s a little bit of calamity that resolve itself on the morning as a result of Lydia’s hen do. She wanted a classy affair but Mandy Dingle is in charge, it doesn’t go to plan as Lydia gets drunk and goes awol!”

Lydia does eventually make it down the aisle in Emmerdale

What else happens on Sam and Lydia’s wedding day in Emmerdale?

Everything seems to go swimmingly as Lydia and Sam make their speeches and tie the knot.

Meanwhile, at the Woolpack Bob starts fiddling with the Yorkshire-themed gravy fountain for the reception. 

At the reception later, spoiler pictures show Lydia letting her hair down and drinking from a welly as Sam cheers her on. 

But is the gravy tower spluttering away in the corner a disaster waiting to happen?

Emmerdale are yet to confirm exactly what’s going to happen on the wedding day, and fans will have to tune in to find out whether disaster is averted. 

Lydia drinks away her hangover in Emmerdale

What has Emmerdale actor James Hooton said about his character’s big day?

Speaking to Eammon Holmes and Ruth Langsford on This Morning about the big day, James Hooton – who plays Sam – revealed that the wedding day does go to plan, but hinted at trouble on the horizon: “Yeah things go pretty smooth for a Dingle wedding but fans will have to wait and see.”

He added: “Well it is Soapland so Sam and Lydia may only have a happy few weeks.”

Speaking to Radio Times about Sam’s relationship with Lydia, he added: “Until Lydia came along, Sam thought he would never find love again. He thought he’d got too lucky first time round with his first wife Alice, who died tragically (she had terminal cancer and asked Sam to help end her life).”

He added: “Hopefully they will get a bit of respite and time to enjoy their matrimonial status before the next dramatic storyline kicks in!


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