Emmerdale shock as Belle Dingle charged with Moira’s hit and run after Jamie pays a fake witness


EMMERDALE fans were left in shock as Belle Dingle is charged with Moira’s hit and run after Jamie pays a fake witness.

Belle betrayed her former lover Jamie by turning him into the police after he confessed to running over her sister-in-law Moira and showed her the evidence.

Belle Dingle is charged with Moira’s hit and run

However, Jamie was having none of it and decided to implicate Belle in the hit and run, using his ex Andrea as an alibi. 

And during tonight’s episode of Emmerdale things got even worse for Belle as she’s charged with Moira’s hit and run after Jamie pays a fake witness to give evidence against her.

While the Dingles speculate over the identity of the new witness who’s given evidence against Belle, the young woman’s mental health deteriorates further.

Overwhelmed with everything that’s happening, Belle – who was previously diagnosed with schizophrenia on the soap – started hearing the voice of her dead mum Lisa. 

The Dingles start to worry about Belle

Watching the soap, fans raged the evil Jamie had succeeded in framing poor Belle and worried about how she would cope.

One wrote: “Poor belle I hope Jamie gets his comeuppance #emmerdale”

Another added: “Anybody else wanna smack Jamie in his smug face…? #Emmerdale”

While a third raged: “I’m sorry, I despise Andrea and Jamie. Angry face #Emmerdale”

Sam realises Belle is falling behind on her medication and encourages her to take her pills but when the voice of Lisa tells Belle not to, she refuses to obey Sam. 

Moira hatches a plan and reckons there’ll be some evidence lying around somewhere that they can use against Jamie. 

It’s not long before Cain and Moira are breaking into Home Farm to find the evidence. 

Meanwhile, Nate is stunned when he learns the extent of Belle’s history with schizophrenia and fumes over Jamie hurting her. 

Later, the Dingles are shocked when Nate offers to take the blame for the hit and run to protect Belle. 

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