Emmerdale shock as Mackenzie Boyd betrays Aaron Dingle and leaves him with the police


EMMERDALE fans are in shock after Mackenzie Boyd set Aaron Dingle up for stealing a load of dodgy televisions.

The conman – who is played by actor Lawrence Robb in the ITV soap – tricked Aaron into thinking he was helping him find loan shark Connor.

But instead he turned up to a meeting with a man with some stolen televisions and forced Aaron into helping him.

They shifted the stolen goods into their own van to later sell at a profit.

But as the other bloke drove away, a policeman appeared behind in his van.

“Relax, they won’t stop,” said Mackenzie.

“Or maybe they will stop,” he added.

“The police after this already. You better think of something because we’ve got a van full of tellies you made me steal.”

Both Aaron and Mackenzie panicked.

However it was Mackenzie who fled the scene leaving Aaron to face the music alone.

Viewers were shocked at his actions.

One wrote: “I Knew it! I knew Mackenzie would leave Aaron high and dry for his own ends!”

A second said: “Mack the slimy snake.”

Another added: “Omg Mack you coward. I can’t believe that he has just dropped Aaron into the police like that. Mack clearly has no backbone. Is Aaron going to be able to get himself of this one?”


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