Emmerdale spoiler: Jacob furious as Leyla makes a move on Dr Liam


EMMERDALE’s Jacob Gallagher is left furious after Leyla Harding makes a move on Dr Liam Cavanagh.

The pair first sparked signs of a romance while appearing in the village panto – where they shared a kiss.

Jacob is left raging after Leyla makes a move on Dr Liam

Liam has also been hanging around Leyla ever since Maya left a baby on the doorstep.

And in the New Year, Jacob finds out Leyla has kissed Liam for real this time and decides to confront her in the Woolpack.

Jacob will no doubt be furious if Leyla has betrayed his dad David.

But with drama already at fever pitch, could this be the final straw for the family?

The teen confronts her in the Woolfpack to find out what’s going on

The pair shared a kiss in the village panto

On Christmas morning, Jacob’s festivities were interrupted after finding baby on his doorstep on Christmas Day.

Emmerdale fans know thatMaya groomed and abused Jacobfor months while dating his dad David.

She then appeared at the prison gates pregnant after an early release.

However, fans of the ITV soap have since been left convinced that Liam is the father of the baby in a shock twist.

A baby was discovered on David and Leyla’s doorstep on Christmas Day

They are yet to find out who the father is

Viewers are convinced Liam will be the dad of Maya’s baby in a shock twist

During a heated exchange between David and the doctor, a number of viewers believed they had spotted vital clues that would make the GP the father.

In one scene, David asked Liam, who previously dated Maya: “Why would Maya do this to us just when we were getting over her. Getting on with our lives.

“Maybe if youd have had a son it would have been worse for you.”

David then asked the doctor to fix the DNA results so he is able to bring up the child instead of his teenage son, but viewers are convinced a further twist is set to take place.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: “David had given him permission to fix the results. Think it’s definitely going to be Liam’s now!”

Another tweeted: “Wonder if the baby turns out to be Liam’s.”


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